What Are The Most Important Details On Any Business Card?

A business card is one of the oldest tools being used in the market. To attract the customer or to introduce your brand in any field of the market, business cards are playing a vital role. It portrays the business and the owner more professionally. If you have created your card design correctly, it can not only impress your customers but also make great referrals. It is a great way to exchange contact details and give your business legitimacy. It is an important part of a sales pitch. If you want to get success with your sales pitch you need to take care of several things and professionals at Wimgo can make it easier for you.

The business cards are made to tell the customers about your business on a business meeting, conference or even on an informal gathering, business cards promote your business. While designing your business, there are many minor points to consider, and the main is to give it a personal touch. Your card must be a reminder of your business. From a creative photography business card to a monochromic and straightforward of a medical consultant or vice versa. You can customize your business card.

Crucial details to put in your business card

The marketing of business proceeds with different strategies and with various tools. Either to focus on defeating competitors, to attract customers the tools has designed significantly. The business card is one of the tools that also have different designs, styles and ideas to attract customers and stand apart from the competition brand. Still, the information on the card is essential, and some of the details are same for everyone. You can use these details for your personalized notepads as well. Here are some essential tips that can help you to design your card from the basic to pro.


Firstly, introduce your brand to customers. A conference of a hundred people or a one-to-one official meeting it is essential to exchange business cards with people to present your company or services. The card contains the brand name and little details of what you do. The correct font, colour and an attractive and unique brand name can help you to have a follow-up.


After the brand name, people immediately focus on the logo. There may be more than one or two considering name, not same but resembling word can create confusion. So a logo can help customers to identify the specific brand. While designing your business card, you must consider making it memorable and recognizable at one glance. The card should have a summarized detail about your services. For example, you can add a picture on your contact card about your work as a loaf of bread or cake on baking business cards.

Contact info

Business cards are great for connecting with people and networking. It is not possible to learn a phone number from a TVC or street banners. Also, it does not seem adequate to hand your phone to a person to ask or give your contact detail in an official gathering. You need to put your quick contact details like your phone number or email address on the card. Also, you can add a long term contact detail like your interactive website link. Since card helps to connect with people, you can ask contact details of others through your business card. Seems strange, adding a website link that redirects to customer info form to ask their email. The strategy can help you to make potential customers and send promotion and other related details on their email addresses.

Location Map

After the quick access from a remote connection, you need to bring customers to your office or any outlet. Previously it was common to mention addresses, but the trend has changed now. You can add geolocation on your card. Since the card has a blank back while of the details can be written on one side of the card, you can easily add a map on your business are so your customers will end up strictly at your office.

Call to action

There are a lot of reasons for customers through the card in the trash just after receiving them. The most important one is that card does not motivate for the action. Telling about your business can help customers in need, but for attracting them immediately, you need to think out of the box. A deal, promotion or a discount through on services can help you bring more customers to your brand. Also, message to call, or connect to the provider in need can convince customers to keep your card for longer.


A business card is part of the market for decades. They are changing their shape, design and even forming on digital too but never disappearing from the business circle. Either in the market to connect with vendors or dealer or to the customers, to attract people or to build referral business card is a crucial gizmo. You can use it to make your brand more prominent and better in the market by creating the right design and putting the correct details.