Your Guide to Christmas In July

Although not as popular as the December Christmas holiday, Christmas in July is an unofficial holiday celebration that happens on the 24th and 25th of July. During this time, people still do the usual Christmas activities which include, among others, gathering, going on vacations, gifting their loved ones, playing seasonal music and specials, and shopping. It is evident that Christmas no longer comes once a year. Christmas in July is more popular in the southern hemisphere where winter comes in July and August. This is because people in these areas also want to have a winter feel in their Christmas celebrations, although they still celebrate the usual Christmas on 25th December. Here’s a handy Christmas in July guide.

History of Christmas in July

The idea began in 1892 in a publication that featured a group of children who rehearsed singing Christmas songs in July. In this story, one character responds to the singing kids by saying that singing Christmas songs in July would rush the season. In 1935, an article describing how a Christmas in July would be was published in the Recreation Journal of the National Recreation Association. Later in 1940, this issue started gaining attention after the release of a movie titled “Christmas in July“. In this movie, a man is lured into believing he has won $25,000 in a contest, after which he goes on a gifting spree, including proposing to his longtime girlfriend. The gifting spree symbolizes the gifting tradition associated with Christmas, and for this man, Christmas came early.

In 1942, a church in Washington D.C started celebrating Christmas in July by giving donations for missions and singing carols. This event was meant to give enough time for the distribution of the donations in the missions, and it eventually became an annual event. The U.S. Post Office, in conjunction with other industries, also organized a luncheon in July 1944 as a way to launch an early Christmas mailing campaign for servicemen that were fighting the second world war overseas. This was redone in 1945.

Around 1950, businesspeople began using Christmas in July themes when selling their products, and this helped generate more leads and sales. To date, Christmas in July has become a tradition in many countries, especially those in the southern hemisphere, and even businesses take advantage of this to market their products and make massive sales. Buyers also grab this opportunity to purchase their December Christmas gifts in advance. Nevertheless, it’s nothing compared to the December Christmas considering it is an unofficial holiday, and not many people celebrate it.

Christmas in July Traditions

Since Christmas in July is supposed to mimic the December Christmas as much as possible, the traditions conducted are similar. That said, here is a look at the common Christmas traditions:

  • Purchasing Christmas trees
  • Having Santa Claus figures
  • Donating food and other goodies
  • Sending Christmas cards
  • Giving and receiving gifts
  • Playing Christmas music and carols
  • Attending church service for Christians
  • Using themed decorations
  • Partying
  • Dressing for the occasion

Since Christmas in July is not widely celebrated, those who celebrate it may not necessarily conduct all these traditions.

Gift Ideas for Christmas in July

Typically, gifting remains an important Christmas tradition that happens both in July and in December. This is the season during which there are massive gift sales and purchases. To give you an idea, in 2020, American consumers spent an average of $850 on Christmas gifts, as published by the Statista Research Department. Therefore, as you prepare to celebrate Christmas in July, get ready to surprise your friends and family with amazing gifts. To choose suitable gifts, you can conduct a bit of research to discover what your loved one would love most. To get you started, here are some awesome gift ideas for Christmas in July:

  • Ethnic cookbook — This is appropriate for any person who enjoys exploring recipes from different cultures and ethnicities.
  • Electronic gadgets — These are universal gifts that anyone will be happy to receive. You can gift your loved ones with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions.
  • Toys –If you have kids in your family or friends’ families, gifting them with toys like totoro plush would make their July Christmas. Generally, toys can never be the wrong gifts for kids. Even so, you can also purchase items such as rocking chairs, car seats, and sanitation products.

Christmas Hampers – Gift hampers make a great gift all year, but especially at Christmas. You can buy them packed full of goodies which can be consumed on the day of your festivities.

  • Clothes — This is also an incredible gift idea that will create good feelings during Christmas.
  • Shoes — For high-quality shoes, ensure you purchase them from a reputable dealer. You don’t want to gift someone with low-quality shoes.
  • Books — Depending on the genre of books someone loves, be sure to choose the right ones for them. Since not everyone is a book lover, a little research will come in handy in choosing the right gifts, or even the right book genres.

Over the years, Christmas in July has gradually gained popularity in the world. However, since the rate of celebration is still low, it doesn’t hurt to invite your friends and family to your Christmas party. This will enable more people to embrace this celebration that makes summer memorable. Considering how far this holiday has come, the whole world could embrace it in the future just like December Christmas.


To celebrate your summer Christmas in style, follow the tips discussed in this guide. Nevertheless, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, you may not take part in all Christmas traditions intended. In your celebratory mood, ensure you adhere to the COVID-19 safety measures since the pandemic is still a threat to your health.