6 Last-Minute Gift Shopping Tips to Remember

Most people find joy in buying gifts for their loved ones. However, there is one kind of shopping that not many enjoy and even dislike doing even if it is for the people they love: the last-minute kind.

Shopping a day or two before a special occasion is never a good idea. With only a short time to spare, you will have a much harder time finding presents that your loved ones will appreciate.

You can avoid this stressful experience by buying your presents days or even weeks before a special event.

However, if you always have a busy schedule and need to resort to last-minute shopping, you can still find the perfect gift items for your family and friends at the best shopping mall in Doha by following these tips:

1. Create a list.

Making a list of people you want to give something to, and the items that you think they will like, can help you go through the process of last-minute shopping more efficiently.

Your list should include the most important persons in your life. Although you may want to buy presents for more people, prioritize your loved ones first to avoid complicating things.

Once you have your list of recipients, write down one or two items that you know they will love, along with a back-up gift option should you have difficulty finding your first choices.

Try to be as detailed as possible with your list. Jot down the specific brands and shops where you can get them.

When you go shopping, make sure you bring this list.

2. Plan your route.

A mall is the best place to do your last-minute shopping. You will find all the shops and brands you want to buy items from here.

However, if you are short on time, you have to avoid taking unnecessary detours to complete your shopping list.

If you are shopping at your favorite mall, plan your route so that you can go from one store to another as quickly as possible. Take note of the proximity of certain shops to each other, or determine if there are stores found in the same wing or floor, and visit them first.

This involves studying the floor plan of the mall beforehand, which you will likely find online.

3. Shop during off-peak hours.

If you can choose the time to shop, do so during the mall’s off-peak hours.

This means going to the mall early in the morning or late at night when there are fewer people.

Doing so ensures you won’t have to deal with crowds and long queues. You will also be able to save some time to do some personal shopping.

If you can, go early in the morning since most shops restock overnight. Because of this, you will have more options to choose from in the morning. You will also be sure that the stores have the items on your shopping list.

4. Set a time limit for visiting each store.

Planning your route can help cut your shopping time in half.

But since you are shopping at the last minute and do not have the luxury of looking around for better options and good deals, you need to find a way to save more time.

Set a limit for the time you spend in each store. You won’t have any difficulty sticking to 30 minutes or under since you already have a detailed shopping list.

Aside from saving time, spending only a few minutes in each store will help you avoid overspending and impulse buying.

5. Look for promos online in advance.

Even if you don’t have plenty of time to shop for presents, you shouldn’t give up on the idea of saving some money. You can do this by looking for promos and discount codes and coupons online.

Start by checking the websites of the brands and stores you intend to visit. Find out if they have buy-one, get-one deals or items on sale and take note of those on shopping day.

Also, visit the website of malls you want to go to and look for shopping promotions in Doha, Qatar. You may stumble upon handy discounts and deals you can use.

Many shops also offer discounts and other deals when you download their apps. As such, take the time to check this out and install their apps to save more money.

Search for promo codes and coupons online, which you can use at the shops as well.

Whether you only have a day or less than a week to get your loved ones the gifts they deserve for a special occasion, don’t forget to follow these tips for a less stressful last-minute shopping experience. Make sure you also head to the biggest mall in your area to be sure you can get all the presents you want to buy in just one place.


Hisham Elzubeir is the Marketing Manager at Doha Festival City, the largest entertainment, fashion, dining and shopping destination in Qatar. The mall has more than 400 international and local brands, including some of the most anticipated names, many of which made their Qatar debut, such as Harvey Nichols, Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehl’s, Dior Beauty Boutique, ACE and IKEA. Hisham brings over 15 years of international expertise to the communications team at Doha Festival City.