Who protects the pope?

Pope surrounded by people and guards

The pope, also known as the paramount pontiff, Roman pontiff, and sovereign pontiff, has served as the head of state or sovereign of the Papal States and later the Vatican City State. From a Catholic perspective, the primacy of the bishop of Rome derives primarily from his position as the apostolic successor … Read more

Who protects the speaker of the house?

Capitol Police

The individuals who hold positions of authority within the House of Representatives include the Speaker, Deputy Speakers, Secretary General, and Sergeant-at-Arms. These officials are elected through a majority vote by all Members at the beginning of each Congress. Additionally, the Majority and Minority Leaders are elected within their respective party caucuses, representing … Read more

What would happen if the moon disappeared?

Moon over snow-capped mountain

The Moon is of critical importance to our planet Earth. In fact, its importance is so great that, without exaggeration, we would not have existence on Earth as we know it without the moon. Nothing on Earth would be the same without the Moon.  Let’s find out more about the moon in … Read more

What would happen if the earth stopped rotating?

What would happen if the earth stopped rotating

The Earth serves as our planetary abode. The planet is currently the sole celestial body for which substantial quantities of water have been identified, and it stands as the exclusive site where the presence of life has been established. The region experiences wind patterns and undergoes seasonal variations. Have you ever considered … Read more

How do mushrooms grow without light?

How do mushrooms grow without light

Mushrooms are taxonomically classified as fungi rather than plants, although there exists a perspective that any organic growth could potentially be considered a plant. From a scientific perspective, it can be observed that plants occupy a distinct and separate category. Mushrooms serve various roles both within natural ecosystems and as a dietary … Read more

How can mushrooms grow so fast?


Mushroom species cannot be discussed without mentioning fungus. A mushroom is a reproductive structure for some types of fungi, just like fruit is to a plant. In the holes or gills beneath their crowns, mushrooms generate millions of spores that are too small to be seen with the human eye. When these … Read more

Why do some countries use cinder blocks for building?

Block wall

The term “cinder block” can be considered somewhat antiquated and serves as a broad designation for a type of structural block that can be manufactured from various materials. Within the realm of civil engineering, a cinder block is comprised of a composite material consisting of a blend of concrete and cement.  This … Read more

How is Velcro made?

Hat using Velcro

During the 1950s, George de Mestral, a Swiss electrical engineer, established Velcro, which is currently recognized as Velcro IP Holdings LLC and operates under the trade name Velcro Company. This privately owned British enterprise was founded by de Mestral. It was the first company to produce hook-and-loop fasteners, which de Mestral invented. … Read more