What is an inukshuk?

British Columbia inukshuk

You might come across sizable rock formations that tower over the surrounding scenery if you travel through northern Canada, Alaska, or even Greenland. But what are these enormous piles of rock, and what do they signify?  An inukshuk is a stone structure that the Inuit traditionally erected. The word inukshuk, which was … Read more

How Striped Toothpaste Stays Striped When It Comes Out

striped toothpaste

Have you ever questioned how does Colgate toothpaste come out in stripes? Ryan Battistella, a TikToker, has for sure. And he came up with his own at-home experiment to get to the bottom of it. No matter how he mashed, squeezed, or mixed the Colgate Optic White tube, the results were always … Read more

Are There Safety Concerns with Using a Selfie Stick?

Tourist taking selfie with stick

When a digital camera device, such as a smartphone, is positioned beyond the normal range of the arm, a selfie stick is utilized to snap photos or videos. Hiroshi Ueda and Wayne Fromm, who invented the selfie stick, made it so that they wouldn’t have to ask a stranger to take their … Read more

Average Speed for a Slithering Snake

slithering snake

Love them or hate them, snakes are among the world’s most fascinating creatures. Snakes frequently appear in fiction as mythical, seductive, and, let’s face it, unfavorable creatures, from the Garden of Eden to Kaa from The Jungle Book. Snakes are feared for their capacity to kill with a single bite, but they … Read more

Unusual Myths About Mountain Dew and Other Foods

Mountain dew

A common urban legend claims that Mountain Dew has a negative impact on sperm production. Fans of this soft carbonated drink don’t need to be concerned about their reproductive health, dispelling the myth straight away. There is no proof, according to science, that Mountain Dew destroys sperm. To begin with, how did … Read more

5 effective ways to Monitor your Personnel

5 effective ways to Monitor your Personnel

Monitoring your personnel is a great way to ensure that the company’s activities are carried out correctly and with quality. It is one of the best ways to measure each employee’s growth and development, monitor the performance of designated tasks, and solve any problems that arise. If you’re searching for effective ways … Read more

Do Blind People Have Dreams?

a woman sleeping 

It’s often a wonder whether blind people can dream, given that dreams are generally considered to be mostly visual experiences. Many of those who can see are aware that their dreams are visual representations of their thoughts and sensations, which stretch well beyond what they can see in their heads when they … Read more

Why Distance Of Planets Is Measured In Light-Years But Not KM Or Miles?

Earth with sunrays

Astronomers use light-years to measure or calculate the distance in space. It is known as the distance traveled by a beam of light for one year — a distance of six trillion miles. A light-year is typically greater and more extensive than a mile or kilometer.  The universe outside Earth is so enormous that units … Read more