Are The People with Braces Buried with the Braces On?

An interesting question that might pop up in mind related to dentistry is the fate of braces when the person dies. Death is imminent and factual. It has to happen to everybody. However, the process of burial or cremation can be decided beforehand. You can write a will or have someone close know what you want or prefer. 

Burial Services Do Not Matter 

No matter what type of burial services you get – open or closed casket – the inside of your mouth is not visible to anyone. So, the point of removing any type of orthodontic gear, such as braces, is pointless. The mouth of a dead person is carefully prepared for the burial services by using a needle injector that kind of sews the lips shut. Besides this, the dead person’s teeth are also glued together so that the mouth gives a fuller look. 

This clarifies that there is no need to remove the braces from teeth if a person embraces death. Medically, there is no harm in burying a body with braces because, well, the person is already dead and cannot be hurt anymore. However, removing the braces can be a painful process, and the loved ones of the deceased might not be able to view their loved ones in pain.  

It Is Ridiculously Expensive – Even For a Dead Person!

Moreover, if you prefer to have it removed from a loved one’s mouth, you got to give special permission to the coroner, who will then contact a licensed dentist to perform the procedure. However, excuse the graphic details, but the teeth have a memory of some sort. They try and shuffle back to their original position after the braces are removed unless you wear a retainer for a long time. Of course, you cannot make a dead person wear retainers, so removing the braces will result in bad shape of teeth, and trust us, nobody would like to see a deformed mouth of a dead person. 

So to the Answer 

Lastly, having braces removed after death and before burial is an unnecessary cost that is impractical. If the person in question has somehow particularly wanted and mentioned in their will, then you can inform the coroner and have him make the arrangements. 

So, unless mentioned otherwise, people with the braces are buried with braces on.