Do You Know the Various Types of Bathtubs?

Many homeowners dream of having a bathroom centrepiece, meaning a beautiful bathtub. Technology and the availability of materials provide consumers with a wide array of choices. Today, it is not much of a concern if you have a small bathroom because you can find the right bath to fit the room perfectly.

A variety of choices

The range of available bathtubs today will astound you, and from the viewpoint of an ordinary consumer, you’d never guess that there are so many designs, sizes and shapes available.

  • Large baths.  These give you a wonderful experience when you want a good soak. Large baths are available as a single-ended or double-ended bath, for one or two persons, respectively. Top brands offer various designs to fit the buyers’ preferences.

  • Shower baths.  You use it for showers and baths, making it a versatile and practical choice if you have limited space in your bathroom. Shower baths are available in different shapes and styles. An L-shaped bath has a deeper end where you stand to take a shower. The P-shaped bath has an infill in its extended part that effectively reduces the amount of water you need. It is still a full-sized bath that gives you additional showering space.

  • Freestanding baths.  A freestanding bath is finished on all sides and gives your bathroom a unique personality. A freestanding bath is one of the heavier ones and will be heavier when filled with water, and a person uses it. It comes in two types. The slipper bath is for deep-soaking as it keeps the water warm longer. A roll-top bath provides you with a traditional and luxurious bathing experience.

  • Corner baths. The style allows you to have a bathtub even if you have a small bathroom. You can easily find a spot for it even if your bathroom’s layout is irregular. A corner bath’s design is convenient as you can fit it in a left or right position.

  • Whirlpool baths.  If you want the ultimate luxurious relaxation, a whirlpool bath is an ideal choice, but it does come in a heftier price tag. Whirlpool baths come in different configurations, shapes and sizes. It has self-contained water jets to massage aching muscles. But it requires a larger bathroom and large amounts of water as well.


Aside from the different types, bathtubs are also made of different materials, giving you more options to make the right choice.

On the cheaper end are ceramic, acrylic and fibreglass. They come in a range of colours to fit your bathroom. However, these materials are porous, absorb moisture, dirt, and grime if not maintained and cleaned regularly.

Porcelain is a common material for bathtubs. It is naturally smooth and shiny, but it is slippery. Moreover, it is prone to chipping.

Cast iron, stone resin, copper, and cultured marble are not porous. They are durable and resistant to wear and tear. However, they cost more. They are heavier, so you should check with your plumber first before investing in a bath using any of these materials.

Shop for a bathtub from a company or store you trust. Do not hesitate to ask questions and check the bath’s features before making the decision.