Gambling Regulations in India

India is one of the most populous countries in the world and has a huge gambling market. Gambling laws in India are somewhat confusing for several people. Some analysts say that gambling is prohibited in general by federal law. On the contrary, they also say that these statements can be wiped out by state laws. Similarly, others say that gambling is allowed in India unless a state bans it.

There is also a huge collision in the distinction between the game of chance and the game of luck. This is the only reason why India allows Rummy and bans Baccarat in the same casino. In general, both are games and can be played at Casino Wala, but the laws are sometimes confusing for the average person.

Luck vs Chance

The Indian laws state that anyone can gamble on the games of skill. However, gambling on games of luck is prohibited. The trouble begins when people fail to determine which game falls under which category. To aid this matter, the Supreme court of India released a ruling that further explained which games are classified under the games of skill bracket. The ruling says that Rummy canot be identified as a game of luck, because there is a special skill involved while playing the game. A player needs a special kind of memorization of the cards in order to get better at Rummy.

Similarly, the court also counted Poker as a game of skill. The rationale says that Poker needs skills for bluffing and understanding. The game is not just luck and sometimes people win everything while holding the worst cards in their hands.

The same logic applies when it comes to online gambling websites. As they are legal, there are many gambling websites operating in India. Some of the highest-rated gambling websites are VooDoo, Betsson, and Dafabet. These websites provide the best player experience and are totally legal with licenses.

Liberty for Online Gambling

Most of the online gambling websites in India are offering every kind of game to play on. If India is to follow the Supreme court’s regulation about banning the games of luck, then offering Baccarat online would not be possible. Fortunately, a lot of states did not pass legislation to ban online casinos. This means these casinos have all the liberty to offer any kind of game.

This is the reason that people are now shifting towards online gambling websites in India because they can have access to their favorite games in a legal way.

Best Online Gambling Websites

Besides the live gambling limitations imposed by the government, India has a huge online gambling scope. A lot of people are gambling their money online on either local casinos or offshore websites. Similarly, India also offers a wide range of games for the players to gamble on. Some of the best Indian gambling websites are Genesis Casino, Betway, ComeOn!, Royal Panda, and Leo Vegas. These websites are rated according to their range of slots offered and the bonuses. The highest bonus can go up to ₹ 80,000. This is a huge amount and that is why people usually go for online gambling in India.

Offshore Gambling

India does not actually impose any laws for offshore gambling, other than one state that totally bans every kind of gambling within the region. Other than that, people are free to reach out the offshore gambling websites and gamble. This is the reason offshore gambling is very famous in India because they are safer, and people can actually play their favorite games without any fear or doubt.

Although there are no limitations for the offshore gambling websites, the Indian government does ask these providers to include the Indian currency as one of their options. This means that the people within India, who are accessing the offshore gambling websites, can deposit and withdraw their India rupees. Similarly, there are no limitations for the games of chance and the games of skill as well. People can freely decide what they want to play and can gamble.


To conclude it, you must inquire about the laws and regulations of the specific region you are planning to gamble in. India is counted among some of the largest countries according to their size. This is the reason that the government has imposed different laws into different states. Therefore, in some states you might find any kind of gambling illegal. However, in others, you might be legal to go to a casino and gamble your money.

Things can get confusing very easily as the laws and regulations for online gambling are not clear too. This is why, most of the people tend to shift towards the offshore websites, because there are no limitations for them. In any case, you must read the laws of your state, as you would not want to risk yourself for some time of gambling and fun.