How did Adolf Hitler spend his last few days before committing suicide?

Hitler is considered to be the cruelest and cold-hearted person ever born. But, unlike what he would have thought, his last days were quite saddening. He spent years ruling the country of Germany with his cold stares. He made a huge impact on the world with his evil ideas and bad leadership.

Adolf Hitler’s last days were played out in his underground-fortified bunker from where he made his final efforts to save Germany from total defeat, which in any case was inevitable. He found sanctuary under his own chancellery edifice, the Führerbunker. Its four-meter thick concrete walls kept the sound of even the largest explosions. 

Measuring 51.86 meters in length, 26 meters in width, and 10 meters in depth, the Führerbunker boasted 44 rooms serving official and private purposes. Enough food was stored to last for 50 days. The bunker was ventilated and lit by means of large generators that were petrol-driven but could be hand-cranked in an emergency. Hitler had three rooms for his own private use. It was there that he spent what were to be the last two weeks of his life.

Eventually, accepting that there was no longer any hope and terrified of falling into the hands of the Russians, Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide on the 30th of April in 1945. They took poison after first trying it on Blondie, Hitler’s Alsatian dog. The poison worked, and as Hitler watched in dismay, Blondie keeled over and died. 

Then the couple drank the poison together. After this, Hitler shot Eva with a revolver and then himself. Their bodies were taken up to the chancellery gardens and burned as the last act of loyalty to Hitler’s orders. The Russians later came across the charred remains. The area where it all happened is now called Berlin Municipal Car Park, and the place where the Führerbunker was constructed has residential buildings today. 

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This book is named after the renovations that Hitler carried out in the mid-1930s. His house renovations represented his image as a leader and created an image that used to scare off people. 

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The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler

This one by James Cross Giblin is surely a masterpiece. Through this book, the writer has described all the ups and downs of Hitler’s life. From his political career to his cold and heartless leadership, this book covers all the important details of Adolf Hitler.

The whole world thinks of Hitler as only a cruel leader, but this book describes all the complexities of his nature. It amazingly solves many psychological theories and takes us to a journey of Adolf Hitler’s mindset.

This book was released in 2002 and received a well-deserved award of the best biography. It is definitely a perfect match for anyone who likes to think and explore different aspects of human nature.

Hitler’s Last Day

If you ever wonder how the cruelest man of history spent his last day, then you should definitely get this book. It is a must-read for the people who want to take a deeper look into the life of Adolf Hitler. 

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