How did Africa get its name?

Africa was once called the “Dark Continent,” mainly due to the fact that it was a mysterious land with inhabitants that were described as “savage” and “violent” by foreigners in ancient times. However, after further research on the origins of man, scientists have discovered that Africa was the birthplace of the human species. In addition, the great Egyptian civilization was founded in the continent and reigned supreme over its people for a certain period of time. Because of Africa’s rich history, there are diverse languages, cultures, and ethnicities found within the continent. Another reason as to why it has so many languages and cultures is that it accounts for 15% of the world’s population, making it the second-most populous continent in the world after Asia.

Despite the various historical evidence and artifacts found in Africa, many experts are still wondering how the continent got its name. Different theories and hypotheses were brought out by historians and researchers, but until now, these “guesses” are not considered as the real answers as to why the continent is named Africa. These theories are usually based on historical and even literary evidence, but none of them are proven to be true.

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