How exactly does cancer physically kill a person?

Cancer is one of the worst diseases known to mankind. It is estimated that thousands of deaths take place due to Cancer around the world. Cancer can potentially take place in almost every area of the body, and during the initial stages, it is difficult to detect. Cancer cells put the affected organ under extreme stress, which leads to its failure. Even though there are several types that are easily detectable, but in major cases, it is not evident until and unless the patient starts to display signs and symptoms. The biggest problem associated with Cancer is that during the initial stages, the patient is not able to feel anything; there are no such signs and symptoms disturbing the patient.

The patient walks in only when they feel something is not right. However, until then, the Cancer normally spreads to other areas of the body as well, which makes the situation even more complicated. This is why treating patients who already have a record of health conditions become difficult. Chemotherapy is a popular treatment method through which the size of the tumor/cancer is first reduced, and then if necessary, surgery is done.

Furthermore, laser radiation has been introduced as well, which makes use of a laser to eliminate Cancer without having the need to perform a surgery. But then, this method is not recommended for those who are either too aged or have underlying health conditions.

In addition to that, a plethora of chemicals are released by the cancer cells that affect the appetite as well as the absorption of food. This, as a result, leads to progressive weight loss and noticeable weakness. Dehydration is another factor that is not uncommon as the person is either not able to swallow or does not like the taste of fluids. Ultimately, what happens is that the individual due to dehydration and significantly low consumption of healthy nutrients results in weakness and loss of muscle mass. The same is the case in lung cancer. In such cases, it is not the lungs that have stopped working, but instead, they are working under high stress that exhausts them.

The bone marrow is another factor that is hugely impacted by cancer cells. Since it is a factory where blood cells are produced, having cancer impairs the immunity process and supplements the problem while suppressing bone marrow. Furthermore, both chemotherapy and cancer cells infiltrate the bone marrow system and can cause the patient to die from severe infection.

When we talk about cancer as a disease itself, it does not result in the death of the patient; instead, it is the metastases that cause it. The same is the case with people with brain cancer. Usually, cancer develops somewhere else in the body and then travels elsewhere and starts forming a tumor. That is why people with brain tumors are not able to process things properly and sometimes result in paralysis, seizures, bleeding, and disturbances in behavior. As cancer takes its toll, the brain swells excessively, which causes the patient to lose consciousness and, in severe cases, result in death.

Even though advancement in technology and medical science overall has empowered doctors to detect cancer in its early stages; however, it is still difficult to cure when it is at its last stages. Typically, patients with cancers already have underlying health conditions, which can make the treatment process even more complicated. Additionally, cancers such as breast and colon cancer are easy to detect. However, they can reoccur decades later. Therefore, people need to understand that the only cure for cancer lies in preventing it from spreading.