How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpet?

Carpets make us feel extra cozy and comfortable inside our homes. But more than just the aesthetic value, carpets improve home and the quality of life in many ways.

How carpets help us?

 1. It improves indoor air quality

We may not think about this often as the reason for buying and putting carpets on our floors, but carpets help improve the quality of air inside our house. Everyday household dirt such as dust, pet and insect dander, and pollen entering the windows carried by the wind can be trapped in the carpets. Those particles are often allergy-triggering to those who are hypersensitive to dirt.

2. Lessens the noise

Without carpet in your room, the sound is scattered much further. When you accidentally fall something on the floor, the noise or the sound usually bounce off the walls and create an echo in the room. Hard surfaces can’t absorb sound the way that soft surfaces – such as carpet – can. With the carpet in your room or your house, you can achieve a much quieter place, and it would be easier for you to learn and concentrate.

3. Reduces chances of slips and falls

Bare floors can be slippery, which might cause slips and falls, especially to younger kids and elderly members of the family. Slips and falls can happen anytime, and it has to be taken seriously. When the floors are covered with carpets, there will be a soft landing surface for your toddlers. Also, adequately selected carpet increases safety by preventing many slips and falls. An ideal carpet for stairs should be in the 50 to 60-ounce range to provide durability without being too thick.

Having carpets is truly beneficial, but it also requires proper handling and cleaning for it to last and serve longer.

How often do you need to vacuum your carpet?

Vacuum cleaner

How often do I need to vacuum my carpet? It’s like asking how often do I need to change my bedsheets, how often do I need to sweep the floor.

Vacuum companies will always convince you to buy vacuum cleaners regardless of the frequency of cleaning that you wish to do in your home. What home experts advise is to vacuum rugs and carpets at least twice a week, and more often in high-traffic areas. But if you have furry pets at home, it is recommended that you do it daily to remove dirt, hair, dander, and the smaller microscopic allergens that may cause health problems. Hygiene experts and interior designers agree that carpets should be vacuumed once weekly at a minimum.

For best results, you can remove surface soil by slowly pushing the vacuum forward several feet in the direction of the pile and then reverse; vacuum in an overlapping direction. There is embedded soil located deep in the carpet’s fibers, to remove them, vacuum slowly in all directions, and repeat as necessary. Vacuum in an overlapping direction.

Some say that vacuum cleaners can damage carpet fibers because a rotating beater bar or brush pulls, stretches, and wears them out. While this may be true but dirt often damaging effect is more than this wear and tear effect than most vacuums do. However, if you are really concerned about your carpet being ruined, you need to purchase a protection spray that can be easily applied.

Best Carpet Cleaning Practices

There are some general rules to be followed when it comes to vacuuming. One obvious rule is to avoid vacuuming over hard or large objects. Stones, coins, and other hard materials can cause serious damage to your vacuum cleaner, or they could get stuck in the vacuum.

It is not good to run a vacuum over water, but let it run with the dustbin over capacity or vacuum over that pesky cord. When taking care of your carpet, be sure to use a mix of these general guidelines and your vacuum cleaner’s instructions.

How to Vacuum Properly

You might be overworking your carpet. If you have a vacuum with multiple settings, use the settings accordingly. Don’t vacuum your carpet using on the bare floor setting, and vice versa.

Additionally, check if your vacuum has height settings as it affects cleaning performance and its effect on the carpet. If the vacuum is set too low, its roller brush and drive belt might be damaged. However, if it’s set too high, it won’t pick dirt as well. If you are not sure, just start it with the high setting then slowly lower it until you feel the vacuum tugging at the carpet.

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