How To Find Out Your Car’s Battery Type

A dead car battery is an easy auto maintenance project, but how can you find the right battery for your car? Discover how to shop for the best car battery for your vehicle and where to go for affordable rates on name-brand auto parts. From a key fob remote battery to replacement headlight bulbs, these key replacement parts help you maintain a safe, efficient ride.

Car Battery Buying Guide

There are five key factors to use when searching for a new battery. Use these five factors to order a lead-acid battery that powers your vehicle safely for years to come:

  1. Cold cranking amps
  2. Size
  3. Reserve capacity
  4. Brand
  5. Age

Cold cranking amps refer to the available amps in freezing weather. Colder batteries and colder oil make it more difficult to start a car in temperatures below freezing, so this is the most extreme situation where your battery needs to operate. Be sure your cold cranking amps rating is at least as high as your original battery, or you may not be able to safely start your vehicle in the winter.

All batteries come in different group sizes. Most manufacturers use the same group size for all of their vehicles. The easiest way to determine the correct size for your vehicle is to look up batteries based on your make, model and year of vehicle. Whether shopping in store or online, your trusted auto parts store can help you find the right size for your vehicle.

The reserve capacity is what you might think of as the battery’s available power. This describes how long your battery can continuously supply power in the event of a bad alternator. A simple key should activate the starter and allow you to drive for a period of time.

With many different brands available, it’s up to you to determine the best brand for your vehicle. Your local auto parts store technician may have some recommendations, and an online store can help you compare customer ratings and specifications.

Finally, newer batteries will typically last longer than older models. Car batteries have a lifetime of five years or less, on average, so it’s important to purchase the newest battery possible to extend your driving time.

How To Properly Install Your New Car Battery

Once you find the best replacement battery for your vehicle, it’s time to swap it out. Gather the necessary personal protective equipment, hand tools and new battery before you begin. Start by carefully removing the negative cable from your old battery. This cable should be black or unpainted and have a negative symbol near it.

After removing the negative cable and preventing it from coming in contact with the battery, remove the positive, or red, cable and any safety strap on the old battery. Carefully lift it out and recycle it at your local auto parts store. Place the new battery in the same place, being sure that it fits correctly and is the same size as the old battery.

Connect the safety strap, positive cable then negative cable to restore power to your car’s electrical systems. Enjoy quality replacement batteries and hassle-free shopping by checking out your local auto parts store or heading to a reliable online store.