How to Increase Meat production and Scale Poultry Farming Business

Global meat production has been rising along with the increase in meat consumption. Due to data from the Packaged Faсts report, global meat consumption is expected to rise 1.4% per year through 2023. Such a statement is driven by population growth and rising incomes in developing countries. Among meat production, the most demanded and consumed worldwide is poultry.

Like any other business, poultry farming requires significant resources and equipment to keep the poultry healthy. It is common sense that climate changes impact the farm industry, and it harmfully influences the live poultry environment and the further end production — meat. For this reason, the poultry farming factories, as well as the home farming, need to install specialized equipment that will assist the process of poultry rearing and management and supply with favorable live conditions to improve their poultry meat production.

State-of-the-Art Solutions in Broiler Farming

Mostly, the experienced farmers choose broilers for accomplishing their objectives to succeed in meat production. Broilers are the best option because they grow faster when providing particular live support systems. In order to improve the marketplace in the farming and meat industry, TEXHA has designed high-tech solutions for both large-scale farming businesses and small poultry farming. It offers fully-fledged automated broiler farming equipment that allows scaling the business and increasing meat production.

Hi-Tech Equipment to Grow Broilers

When it comes to rearing broilers chickens, there is nothing to compare with the production of the TEXHA company. They provide the best solutions made of safe materials and with the integrated living environment systems: feeding, drinking, litter removal, microclimate system. Moreover, the international brand recognition and global implementation make it reputable and trusted to collaborate with and use its production to prosper the business.

The company offers three main types of broiler farming equipment:

  • cage equipment;
  • deep litter housing system;
  • slatted floor housing system.

Thus, the supplier enables to opt for the equipment that best suits the customer’s need. They are supplemented with automated feed and drink distribution systems and litter removal systems.

Integral Support in Broiler Chicken Rearing

The feeding system is connected to the external feed storage bin, and the feeding lines run through each cage module. In addition, the broiler cages can feature either bowl-type KoChiBo feedboxes or hopper feed distribution machinery. Due to the first feeding system, the feed is supplied continuously via galvanized steel pipes with spiral (auger-type) conveyors until all feedboxes are full. Then, according to the second feeding approach, the feed is dispensed by the robotized system with centralized or manual control by the pre-set schedule or as required.

The water is supplied continuously through plastic pipes to the nipple drop drinkers with drop-catcher bowls. The litter removal system is installed in all types of broiler equipment. The litter is automatically collected and removed from the premises for further discharge into the vehicle.

In addition, the company offers installation and maintenance services with a warranty. The team of experts is ready to accept the offers from their customers to develop unique turnkey solutions due to their needs, like constructing poultry houses with integrated equipment for broiler meat production. All the company’s projects go through in-depth research and analysis to meet international requirements and quality product standards.