How to Run a Pizza Business: 9 Ways to Boost Your Sales

Pizza is one of the most consumed foods today, but this does not mean that it will sell itself. Running a pizza business has an inherent challenge, and this comes in the form of competition. You have to compete with both small and large pizzerias. Making it a profitable endeavor becomes even more challenging if you are in a neighborhood with less traffic and a smaller population.

Luckily, there are ways to turn your shop into a go-to pizzeria when customers think about pizza. To boost sales, you have to employ traditional and modern marketing strategies tailored to your situation. Investing in proper education, such as undergoing professional chef training and getting an ICCA pizza chef certificate, may also be beneficial.

Here are some tried-and-tested strategies you can use to boost the sales of your pizza business.

1. Enhance your knowledge and skill

Proper education and training will instantly boost your shop’s credibility and profitability. When customers know that you and your employees are well-trained in making delectable pizzas, they are encouraged to try your pizza and determine what makes it different.

Mastering the art of kneading and tossing techniques will help you make the perfect crust and blend of ingredients to create a unique-tasting, healthy pizza. The best culinary school in Dubai offers pizza-making programs that cater to entrepreneurial and professional levels. These courses include hands-on training on everything from making dough to creating a perfectly baked pizza. It will also teach you more about flavor combinations and essential techniques, like kneading and dough proving, to create the best treat.

2. Get a professional visual aid

Professional chef training in Dubai can be rendered useless if customers don’t see pictures of your product. Take note that most consumers appreciate seeing pizzas in quality images, so make sure to take a photo of your mouth-watering pizzas and use it on your fliers and menu.

However, you must not use stock pizza images that disappoint people once they notice a difference between what they have ordered and the pizza in the photo. When possible, you can hire a professional food photographer to take excellent pictures of your actual products.

3. Get on social media

Business promotion does not have to be costly. You can do it without even spending anything – and that is through social media platforms. You can use your computer and smartphone to do it by creating an account on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can add your shop’s location or any other reference that clearly points to your business.

But getting on social media is useless if you don’t inform everyone about it. So place a sign on the table, cash register or menu, or perhaps let your walk-in customers know verbally about it and ask them to follow you on social media.

Using social media does not require extensive technical skills. You just have to share images of the different pizzas you make and allow things to flow naturally when creating your post. You can also add coupons, discounts, and new offerings that will entice pizza lovers. However, avoid overloading your customers with too many posts. Limit posts to one per day so you can pique web users’ interest in your offerings.

Interact with your customers, too. When someone inquires, be sure to respond as soon as possible. A healthy conversation with your followers can motivate them to visit your shop or order online.

Take note that establishing a powerful social media network will take some time, so be patient. Be consistent with your daily posts, even if your account is growing slowly.

4. Offer coupons and giveaways

Giving coupons is an effective way of drawing people to try your pizza. Make sure the coupons should only be valid for a limited time. Clearly inform your customers about the coupon’s terms and conditions so they can make full use of the privilege you have given to them.

Giving giveaways that clearly display your shop’s imprinted name is also a great marketing strategy. These gifts can be magnets, pens, pencils, bags, and shirts. You can give these items as a way of expressing gratitude for their patronage or when hosting events, such as on holidays.

5. Sell your pizza by the slice

Some people crave different pizza types, while others may not be able to buy or finish a whole pizza. Cater to these kinds of customers by offering your pizza by the slice.

A combo offer that will save a customer a few dollars can attract plenty of customers, especially during their break time. This can also entice younger generations who are looking for an affordable bite to eat.

6. Host a competition

Lots of people love competition, and this can benefit you if your pizzeria hosts contests or challenges. For instance, you can plan to hold a competitive eating contest or invite anyone to bake their own pizza for judging. Give rewards to the best entries, offer free samples, and you will surely stimulate a high level of enjoyment and engagement that will keep your shop at the forefront of people’s minds.

7. Offer convenience

Convenience can set you apart from your competitors. This can mean providing customers with a more convenient option when buying a pizza. For instance, set up a delivery service that covers a wide area, offer digital ordering, and stay open later.

8. Build an email list

Turn your current customers into regulars by asking them to join your email list. Make sure to provide them with a one-time coupon or discount after a successful registration. Reach out to them regularly by giving them relevant content, such as a newsletter that highlights your new specialty pizzas and promotions.

9. Don’t be afraid to increase prices

Most people today are looking for natural, exotic, and artisanal ingredients, but these ingredients are more expensive than those of standard recipes.

As a pizza shop owner, you can cater to these customers’ needs and increase the price accordingly. Customers will be willing to buy these treats as long as their cravings are satisfied and the price is reasonable.

Increasing the sales of your pizza business does not have to be difficult. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and skill to create the most delicious, unique pizza and promote it offline and online. Connect with your customers and value their patronage by giving rewards and incentives. Satisfy your customer’s pizza cravings, and they will not only buy your products regularly, but help promote your business as well.


Shanaaz Raja is the Course Director at International Centre for Culinary Arts – ICCA Dubai.