Important Things You Should Know About Car Covers

Car covers are a good investment for protecting your car, especially when you are not using it. Among many other things, they help protect your car from dirt, rain and UV rays. Below is a list of some particulars regarding car covers that might help you understand more about them and make a good decision.

Q: What is the importance of a car cover on my car?

A: Car covers protect your car from dust, dirt, scratches, animal droppings, tree sap. In addition, car covers protect your car from harsh weather conditions. The heat from the Sun can deteriorate a car’s paint, whereas moisture and salt can cause corrosion.  Covers prevent both of these issues as well as keep the interior of your car from getting hot, whenever you park your car outside. Animals like squirrels and cats love to play on cars. They, therefore, leave scratches on your car’s finish. If you can’t prevent them from damaging your car, then simply use a cover.

Q: What is the best car cover?

A: This depends purely on your budget and the type of car cover you would want. Nevertheless, a car cover that has a soft finish is the best. Mostly, non-woven polyesters are known to have a soft finish. Good car covers have multiple layers of heavy fabric. This allows breathability, and it is harder to have scratches on your car. We advocate for a heavy material rather than a lighter one. Lighter materials keep wrapping around in windy areas. Woven materials are disregarded due to abrasion. However, you should note that not all woven materials are similar.

Q: Should I invest in customized covers or universal covers?

A: Customized covers are the best compared to universal ones. Though the custom fit is a little bit pricey, it is a worthy investment. Nonetheless, there are universal covers that are of good quality and of a proper fit. If you are searching for an inexpensive cover, then the universal cover is fine. If you choose to buy a universal cover, then you need to choose a slightly larger one rather than a somewhat smaller one. We recommend that you choose the customized one, especially if your car is of high value.

Q: Can a car cover prevent my car from buglers and thieves?

A: Yes. Thieves and burglars are afraid of being caught, and they hope to take the shortest time to steal. A car cover takes some minutes to remove, which can prevent thieves from stealing from your car. Also, a cover prevents the valuables inside your car from exposure to burglars. If your valuables are covered, thieves are less likely to be tempted to steal. In addition to this, locking your cover can also prove to be a very effective way to prevent theft. 

Q: How do I store my car cover correctly?

A: Mostly, car covers come with durable carriers that you can use to store your car cover. The bag protects it from dust and dampness. Make sure that you fold your cover rather than rounding it up. Folding it up will help you fix it anywhere. It can also help keep it in good shape for long periods.

Q: How regularly should I wash my car cover?

A: Your car cover is a lot like your clothes. It is highly recommended to regularly wash your covers in order to ensure longevity and proper protection. A car cover is exposed to dirt and dust, and hence it will need a washing whenever it gets too mucky. When washing, be sure to read and understand the washing instructions. Apart from washing it regularly, repair the torn areas as soon as you can. Taking regular care of your car cover will let it serve you longer.

Q: Can I protect my car cover from theft?

A: Yes, you can. Some of these car covers are a little expensive. It will be a great loss if it is stolen. Fortunately, when you purchase your car cover, you will be given a cable and a lock pack. After placing your cover well, use the provided cable and lock to secure it.

Q: How best do I uninstall my cover from the car?

A: Bring all four sides of the cover on top of the car in two separate folds. Fold them again two to three more times. Folding it in this manner will ensure a good angle to store and reinstall it. Make sure that you do not let it fall on dirt.

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