Who Is The Inventor Of Modern Type Mobile Phones? (Martin Cooper)

The advancement of technology is so evident in our modern world that most of these technological devices made our lives a lot easier. The vast possibilities of technology are incredible, wherein various scientists and inventors all around the globe continue to contribute to creating devices to help in our everyday lives.

Moreover, the technology that we have today is significantly more advanced compared to what we have in the previous centuries. Today, people use less effort in performing simple tasks such as doing the laundry, cleaning the floor, cooking a meal, as well as doing the dishes. Ancient people used to do all of these household chores manually, which consumes a lot of time and effort. Thankfully, experts have developed technology throughout the years to help in performing such tasks and helps us in saving time and effort, which we can use in other important work.

Interestingly, our modern technology enables us to stay connected with various people around the world. We get to see the latest news about what’s happening in the other part of the globe. Furthermore, we now have ways to communicate with other people in different countries because of technology.

One of the most remarkable inventions is the mobile phone. Mobile phones are no brainer; they are hand-held phones, wherein the user can do various tasks. The of such phones became widespread because of its efficiency since landline phones need to be attached to a line post to function correctly. Mobile phones can perform similar tasks along with portability.

The evolution of mobile phones is one thing most people would wait. Most phone companies today release newer versions of their product every month, which many people would expect to see.

The rapid advancement of mobile phones never fails to catch our interests. Furthermore, its origins prove to us that it paved a long way before becoming the worldwide sensation that it is today. Because of this, several questions may arise concerning the history of the mobile phone.

The History of Mobile Phones

The earliest account of the blueprint of mobile phones came from Bell Laboratories of USA way back 1947. Bell Labs drew the blueprint of the mobile telephone technology based on the concept of cellular telephone technology – which is under the use of transmitters within cells, grouped altogether and connected with a central exchange. However, Bell Labs was not successful in making a mobile handset, which could be called “portable” in its true meaning. It is because mobile phones in the 60s were like briefcases weighing four and a half kilograms.

Interestingly, after the invention of the chip, many inventors found a way to create smaller sizes of electronic gadgets. Bell Labs assigned their electronics expert named Joel Engel to make a small-sized handset, which they allocated millions of dollars for the research. At the same time, another researcher from the Motorola company named Martin Cooper was also struggling to make a small handset. Despite his struggles in creating a small handset, he successfully invented the first portable phone. His work became a milestone not just for the company, but also all around the globe since numerous researchers were trying to develop a more efficient phone. So in recognition of his achievement, Motorola Company gave him the privilege to make the world’s first phone call.

On April 3, 1973, Cooper pressed the handset’s push-buttons with the presence of all of the company’s senior executives and researchers and said, ‘Hello!’ to Joel Engel of Bell Labs. Cooper talked to Engel and gave him “happy tidings” that he finally succeeded in inventing the world’s first portable handset.

Martin Cooper was the inventor of the world’s first modern type mobile phone. His invention marks the start of the age of mobile phones, which earned him and Motorola Company, wealth. However, despite the great achievement of Motorola Company, the first mobile service in the USA started in 1978 by Bell Company in Chicago.

This brilliant invention sparked competitions in developing a better version of the phone. Throughout the years, it is evident that mobile phones continue to improve, especially during the widespread of the internet. Mobile phone companies keep on researching and finding ways to improve this invention so they could cater to our fast-paced world.