Which material is used for making capsules of medicine?

The Answer:

As the world becomes more interconnected, information is shared freely. The internet plays a big part in this, with fountains of knowledge on any subject readily available. One area of scrutiny in recent decades is health, specifically in the area of food and nutrition. People now both desire and achieve a better standard of health for themselves through their diet. They want to know what they are putting in their bodies, how it helps them, and if there are better options out there.

One industry that has skyrocketed this century is medicinal tablets. Whether a nutritional supplement or a pill to help cure the flu, most medicines are taken via pill. Pills come in two forms: a tablet or a capsule. A tablet is merely a solid block of whatever medicine you are ingesting at the time. Many nutritional supplements and pure vitamin tablets are made in this form. The tablet is ingested and broken down in the stomach, the nutrients utilized all over the body.

The second form, capsules, are liquid medicine surrounded by an outer shell. This outer shell is broken down in the stomach, the liquid medicine allowed to diffuse through the body after digestion. One of the big questions people often ask regarding this form of medicine is, what is the capsule made out of? Is it harmful? Beneficial?

The capsule is made of gelatin. Gelatin is a wholly natural substance, commonly derived from animal products. It is completely harmless to the body, in fact, it is often very beneficial. Gelatin is specifically made from collagen, a fibrous substance that joins bones, cartilage, and tendons from animals like cows. A little bit a glycerin is added to made that capsule soft and easily ingestible.

All capsules made with this outer covering are made of gelatin, unless it is explicitly stated another material was used. A new innovation as well allows for gelatin, and therefore capsules, to be made with vegetarian products. This removes the worry of people who choose to, or need to because of health issues, not eat meat.

The raw materials used to make gelatin, regardless of the source, are thoroughly tested before the manufacturing process beings. They are placed in an oven which is set to the optimal temperature for rapid growth of most organisms. This is to check to see if the collagen or other materials has any foreign bacteria within it. If it does, it is not used. After this, the materials are placed under a spectrometer and checked for any impurities. Again, if any show up, the materials are not used. After these two tests, if they pass, the materials are then manufactured into gelatin.

The collagen and other materials are then heated at 80C. Once they are at the optimum temperature, pens with capsule shaped molds at the end are dipped into the mixture. These pens are allowed to cool and the capsules are removed. They are then trimmed down and made smooth. The excess material sheared away is recycled into new capsules. Each completed capsule is then put through a sorter that determines if there are any defects in the capsule. Once passing this test, they are then shipped all over the world to various pharmaceutical warehousing and medicinal companies for use.

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