Which is the most dangerous creature in the world?

Our world is home to an unlimited number of species. From small unicellular organisms to large mammals like the whale, there are hundreds and thousands of animals who live here. Some of them are friendly, while others can be harmful and dangerous. 

Unlike humans, animals have to struggle for food. Some of them eat other living beings, while some feed on plants. In such conditions, some animals can be too dangerous for us. Animals like wolves and sharks are famous for attacking people. Moreover, snake bites are common too. But which creature implies the most danger to human survival, let’s discuss!

Normally, a person will assume that the most harmful creature will be a big giant one. A lot of people think that animals like sharks or snakes are the most life-threatening. But the reality is quite the opposite. The deadliest creature that exists in our world is basically a small microscopic parasite. Till now, the causative agent of malaria, also known as plasmodium, is the most dangerous living creature on earth.

It is normal to feel skeptical about this information. If you think about it, plasmodium is essentially invisible. And how can such a small thing become hazardous? But here’s the thing, its invisibility is not the weakness, but the strength that enables it to attack without warning.

The malarial parasites enter the body with the help of Anopheles mosquitoes. In our homes, these mosquitoes are generally common. When the mosquito bites, the tiny creature gets into the blood circulation without causing any symptoms. And once it settles down inside the body, it starts to attack like the monster it actually is. 

The patients suffering from this condition get high fever, chills, rigors, and whatnot. This disease affects every body system. One can say that it eats the body from the inside. Worldwide, this disease has killed more people since the Stone Age than those who have perished in wars and natural disasters.

Usually, in patients with a proper immune system, the symptoms subside within two weeks. But if the patient is already ill or immunocompromised, the disease can turn into a disaster. Thanks to advancements in the field of medicine, there are many treatment options to cure this condition. But all of this took a long time. And before that, the outbreak could not be managed.

This disease has been virtually eradicated in developed countries, but it is still a major killer in tropical regions. Every year the disease causes as many as 2.7 million deaths throughout the world. Almost 75% of those who die are African children due to their living situations. It spreads massively in areas with stagnant waters or places with no proper sanitation. 

The only way we can fight this invisible enemy is by protecting ourselves. You can use mosquito nets or repellants to avoid mosquito bites. Otherwise, the use of insecticide spray has shown good results. In short, if our enemy can attack smartly, we can defeat it cleverly. 

Who would’ve thought that in a world of giant species, an invisible creature will prove to be the deadliest one? Indeed, nature is full of surprises.

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