What Was the Name of the World’s First Bank?

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena in city of Pisa

Banking has been in some shape or another since the first coins were minted—possibly even before that. Taxation gave rise to currency, particularly coins. As empires grew, functional methods to collect taxes and transfer wealth became necessary. The majority of people retain their money in a bank account. But have you ever … Read more

Is De-Extinction and Resurrection Biology Real?

a green t-rex dinosaur in the jungle

When the movie Jurassic World first came out, the world seemed like it was ruled by dinosaurs. Wherever you direct your eyes on, there were dinosaurs – dinosaur parks, dinosaur books, dinosaur commercials, and dinosaur-inspired toys.  Perhaps there is something about these extinct mammals that tickle our human curiosity. Watching them on … Read more

What Is Déjà Vu?

a woman looking afar sitting by the table with two glasses of water and a flower vase

Déjà vu is a peculiar sensation in which a scenario feels much more familiar than it should. Young individuals are the ones that have the most déjà vu. Many children recall their first experiences of this sensation between the ages of 6 and 10. This article looks at studies on déjà vu, … Read more

What are the Weirdest Superstitions Around the World?

black cat standing on a pavement

If other advanced beings could observe us evolving through the millennia, you’d bet they’d find us to be remarkably bizarre. Crazy as one might find it, many people believe that their whole day is doomed just because a black cat crossed their path. Superstitions have always been part of our way of … Read more

How Was The Calendar Invented?

a Gregorian calendar

People often take time for granted. They usually aren’t curious why or how it exists; they only accept that it does. Your birthday could fall during the winter, the week always begins on Sunday, and February is unusually short and has an additional one day every four years. It is simply the way things work. … Read more

Can High-pressure Water Cut Metal?

a waterjet CNC cutting machine

Water’s uses and benefits are nearly impossible to define; aside from the fact that all living things require water to survive, it is a universal solvent, making it very functional. Water has many purposes, but you may not be aware of all of its magical properties. For example, you may have heard … Read more