Why the flock of migrating birds mostly flies in ‘V’ formation only?

The chief advantage of ‘V’ formation is that the birds following the leader in two arms of the ‘V’ formation do not have to exert very hard to remain afloat. As the leading bird beats its wings, the air is displaced upward. The upward draught of air assists the immediately following birds in remaining airborne with considerably less effort. These birds, in their turn, make flying easier for those that follow by creating another upward draught of air and so on.

Of course, the leading bird does not receive such assistance. This means that it would get tired sooner than the others. The birds solve this problem by taking turns to lead the flock.

When you see a ‘V’ formation of the birds overhead, make sure to observe the switch over of the leading position. There are many more interesting habits and patterns that we can observe in the avian world. The books below can help adults and children learn more about the fascinating life of birds:

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Bird Trivia: Funny, Strange and Incredible Facts about North American Birds by Stan Tekiela
Amazing Birds
Bird Facts for Everyone by Kerry Atkinson


Bird Trivia: Funny, Strange and Incredible Facts about North American Birds by Stan Tekiela

If you’ve always admired the beauty and grace of birds, this book will take your interest even further. It contains a host of amazing and often unbelievable facts about all kinds of birds that you can find in North America.

Here, you can find out why some birds cover themselves with ants, and which ones can mimic human voices. The information can come in handy for a school project, trivia nights, or simply carrying a conversation. There are also loads of brightly-colored pictures to enjoy, as the author is also known for his photography skills. Overall, this work will make a great gift for someone who loves birds or as an investment for your own coffee table.

Amazing Birds: A Treasury of Facts and Trivia about the Avian World by Roger Lederer Ph.D.

Whether you’re interested in birds or just want to know some interesting facts to enhance your knowledge, this book is a fascinating read. It has beautiful color illustrations on almost every page, including photographs, diagrams, and even artwork to showcase every kind of bird. The illustrations also include displays of the eggs, nests, and hatchlings.

the text here contains over four hundred unusual facts about birds all over the world. We can learn which bird has the largest nest, which is the rarest species, and which is the fastest of them all. There’s even information about a bird that has clawed wings!

In addition to the fun facts, there are also some practical guidelines here about attracting birds to your backyard or garden. If you’re a bird lover or an avid bird watcher, this skill will be quite useful. There are instructions for other kinds of projects as well, such as how to teach a parrot to speak.

Bird Facts for Everyone by Kerry Atkinson

This is a comprehensive work on all kinds of bird behavior as well as their description. Here, we can learn about several bird species along with their plumage, eating habits, communication methods, courtship, nesting, migratory habits, learning, intelligence, and many other aspects. It will also answer several common questions on bords, along with giving us over three hundred color illustrations.

According to reviewers, this book is quite different from many others on the market today. It has a plethora of fascinating facts that will interest both beginners and experienced birdwatchers. It covers birds from all over the globe and also includes personal experience from the author.

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