The Importance of Strengthening the Digital Aspects of Your Business

Bill Gates was on point when he said, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Over the years, communities grew online, and there has been a steady increase in the number of businesses online, with many actually branching out of the non-digital realm. And these days, a lot of brick and mortar establishments are relying on the Internet to keep their operations afloat given the mobility restrictions imposed by governments to prevent the spread of a deadly disease.

Indeed, if you are a business owner, protecting the continuity of operations demands a strong and strategic presence in cyberspace. An IT service provider in Dubai, however, says, achieving such a goal is not just implementing smart online marketing strategies, you need to pay attention to your system and network infrastructure as well. Meanwhile, if your business requires professional and competent accountants, contact the trusted Archimedia Accounts. Besides that, if you are looking for the best pitch deck consultants for your business then visiting would be a great help in this regard.

Strong Infrastructure and the Right Moves

Without a reliable system and network infrastructure, all your digital marketing efforts would prove useless. Your business will fail at being responsive, which is crucial for today’s highly impatient customers. 

Not only that, if you have a poor network, establishing credibility can be a challenge. People use different devices to make carrying out online transactions more convenient, and many of them only deem trustworthy the businesses that are quick to connect with them.

So, make a strong system and network infrastructure your foundation, and then, implement marketing strategies. Combining these two is the perfect formula to use in providing your business with a competitive advantage.

And, when it comes to marketing strategies to boost businesses’ digital presence, discussed below are what top digital marketers recommend, especially for startups.

1. Email marketing and email hosting service

As popular and effective as social media marketing is, there’s still tremendous value in sending out emails. According to studies, emails yield solid returns on investment – a rate of 4,400 percent. Needless, to say, you mustn’t overlook its power in generating leads and conversions.

However, for email marketing to be thoroughly beneficial in growing your enterprise, it’s best to use a business email hosting service for the following reasons:

  • It’s deemed more professional to use a personalized email coming from your own domain.
  • With email hosting, you diminish the risk of your business emails from automatically being directed to the spam folder of recipients.
  • It’s more reliable. Business email service providers keep things up and running, ready for correspondence with their multiple fail-proof clustered servers.
  • It’s safer. An email hosting service implements stricter policies to keep sensitive account information secure. Plus, you can encrypt all your connections to safeguard them from hackers.
  • You get support. Anytime you need assistance with anything, you can easily access a support service ready to provide you with the appropriate solution.

Emails are an excellent way to strengthen your brand, establish relevancy, and make your end-users feel that they matter.

2. Social media marketing

You have different social media platforms that people frequent. In a study conducted on how much time people spend on these social media sites, it was discovered that people devote an average of two hours and twenty-three minutes a day on social media. But, they are always connected to these sites through the notification feature of every platform. Therefore, anytime, there’s an update from a followed account, they can quickly check it out.

With that, there’s no doubt your business needs to be in these social media sites because it’s where the people are. And when it comes to using these platforms for marketing, there are abundant ways to do so. You can post links to content on your website, announcements, news, and even conduct surveys, quizzes, and contests. 

Additionally, you can collect vital data from social media sites through analytics. You can use the data for evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of your SMS activities.

Doing all these can boost business performance by increasing the business’s relevance and customer engagement, improving marketing initiatives, and ensuring customer loyalty.

3. Website development

Naturally, every business needs an official online presence – a website. This is the digital space where everything people need to know about the company can be found.  

The website can function in a variety of ways. It can be a place to connect (chat, email, and even call), a site to see products and services, and also to carry out a purchase. This is also where you store all of your content, such as articles, images, audio files (podcasts), videos, and many others.

Basically, your website is like the mother ship for all your business’s digital efforts. Thus, it must be responsive – meaning it can display fast and correctly on all devices, plus, it is well-maintained and regularly updated. Trust only reputed companies like for website development.

4. SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is key to placing your business in search engine results. It is an umbrella of different clever strategies to improve the visibility of your business, especially when people turn to Google and other popular search engines for information.

This is a highly technical aspect of digital marketing. So, luckily, there are companies that specialize in SEO and can make sure that your business can be found in various trustworthy places in the digital world and people can be directed back to your official online presence.

5. App development

Now that more and more people are using their smartphones and wearables to procure information online, apps are proving to be more relevant than ever. With apps, the process of getting specific information on the Internet can be done much faster. There’s no need to drop by a search engine anymore.

These apps are especially beneficial for shopping because the pages of the site are laid out better for a more convenient user experience. Plus, they come with features to decrease the steps in completing transactions. All in all, apps create a more focused online encounter between business and user.

All these digital efforts will serve your business well, but only when done right. So, if you want to build a strong digital program for your enterprise, hire the experts. With their experience and skills, you can rest assured that your business will have a reliable system to keep it going, especially when it’s difficult or impossible to carry out conventional operations.

Author Bio

Sharon Mallorca is the Sales Manager at Create IT in Dubai. Established by innovative digital agency Create Media Group, Create IT has rapidly become the Middle East’s leading IT Support and IT Solutions company, providing the highest quality IT support and services to a growing portfolio of global brands.