Virtual number advantages against basic phone number

Virtual number advantages against basic phone number

Mobile communication opens horizons and brings people closer. But at the same time, there remains a binding to the region, and not a trace remains of privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, among the services of the OnlineSIM company there is a virtual sim for sms, which helps to register anonymously on sites and applications, communicate beyond borders and without limits, opening up much more benefits for each user than any mobile operator is ready to provide.

What is a virtual phone number and when is it needed?

A virtual number is a number that is assigned to you for a certain period of time. It works on the basis of IP telephony, using servers and Internet connections instead of the usual cellular network.

You can order a virtual number for verification or pay for a tariff that will allow you to communicate without problems in any country listed on the OnlineSIM website. It is suitable for both personal purposes and business.

The personal use of a virtual SIM card has prepared a number of advantages for ordinary users:

  • Possibility of verification on websites, social networks, streaming services and applications without specifying a personal mobile number;
  • Communication at competitive rates, which is especially noticeable when you need to communicate in roaming;
  • No physical SIM card;
  • Independence from a mobile operator – communication works wherever there is Internet.

At the same time, you can order a virtual number, which will look the same as a mobile number or a basic phone number.

For businesses, virtual telephony offers even more benefits:

  • Receiving and sending an unlimited number of SMS;
  • The possibility of arranging a telephone line even if the office often changes location, or there is no technical possibility to install the necessary equipment;
  • Favorable rates for business, etc.

Buy virtual sms number and stay connected on your own terms!

Why is IP telephony better than a basic phone number?

The fixed basic phone number is a familiar and understandable way to communicate with clients, friends and relatives, but it does not have mobility. In addition, the tariffs for such communication remain quite high, as well as the cost of equipment when we talk about the use of telephone communications for business.

IP telephony for business

A virtual telephone line allows you not only to make calls, but also to send and receive sms online. You have access to your messages from any computer, tablet or phone connected to the Internet. Thus, you can conduct business without even visiting the office.

If you often have to leave the workplace, go on business trips or answer customer calls even after hours, a virtual SIM card will give you this opportunity. Moreover, you will be able to see call statistics, and some tariff plans provide for the possibility of recording the dialogue and further listening, which is useful for marketing and sales departments.

Virtual mobile communication for personal use

For private clients, the OnlineSIM service has even more advantages, because they have the opportunity to use a temporary phone number for one-time purposes (for example, registering a new mailbox), or use IP telephony while traveling or for personal calls.

Thus, private clients receive:

  • Mobility;
  • Independence from the region;
  • Anonymity;
  • Ability to use a one-time virtual phone number;
  • Savings on communications.

None of these can give a basic phone number, which is location-specific, easily identified and tracked, and requires special communication equipment.

The choice is always yours. This doesn’t mean that basic phone numbers are gone forever, but when you need all the benefits listed above, now you know where to look for them. Go to the OnlineSIM website and choose the best tariff. Be more mobile and free and allow yourself all the possibilities that basic phone users can only dream of.