What Is the Difference Between Management and Administration?

The success of any business depends on administration and management, and this is because most crucial business activities can be well executed through controlling planning and coordination. That is why huge companies typically employ top-notch specialists to run the administration and management departments. Hiring competitive people in these departments can help increase business survival in this competitive industry. 

However, most of us cannot seem to point out what’s the difference between administration and management. For starters, management usually deals with directing the businesses’ operations while management helps establish important objectives and implement policies. In this article, we are going to learn more about the difference between administration and management. 

What is Management?

Management is the act of handling resources, people and utilizing them to achieve organizational goals. To put it simply, it is the process of making sure that your people get their work done effectively. The main activities that management does are coordinating, planning, leading, organizing, and motivating employees. A good management team aims to enhance the business organization’s success while creating a proper working environment for the staff, executives, as well as other employees. 

According to research, people who are management experts tend to control the overall working environment with proper direction and coordination. Usually, the CEO and the general manager of the companies are the ones who lead the management team through acute decision making, planning, financial activities, and human resources. They are the ones who help the team to fulfill the company’s target goals and impose effective decision-making policies. 

What is Administration?

The administration is the process of setting up crucial policies and objectives of any business. Top-level authorities usually set these said policies and objectives. The people who are running the administration department are the ones who are responsible for planning, forecasting, decision making, and organization of the company. In fact, the success of a business depends on the performance of the administration department. 

Companies, especially a business that is just starting, need a skilled and powerful administrative planner to make sure that they achieve quality results. The primary duties of administrative experts are to coordinate, properly plan, and maintain company programs. They also give the company creative directions to achieve goals that will not lead to any crisis. 

Difference Between Administration and Management

  • Management is performed by both lower and middle authorities, while top-level authorities usually do administration.
  • Management is the ones who implement objectives and policies while administration helps in the policy formation. 
  • The main goal of management is to governing and executive while the administration’s goal is determinative and legislative. 
  • Administration makes the essential decision for the company while management makes executive decisions. 
  • Administration department typically consists of people with administrative qualities, whereas the management department comprises people who are great with technical and human relationship skills. 
  • Management represents the voice and needs of employees, while administration represents the owners of the company or business. 
  • Administrators are usually present in military, government, educational, and religious organizations, while managers are typically present in businesses and companies. 
  • Administrative work entails policy formulation, while management deals with policy implementation. 
  • Administrators have full control of the company’s activities while managers work under the administration. 
  • Administration focuses on utilizing the company’s resources while management focuses on how to manage people and their work. 
  • A group of persons employed in the company is known as management, while administration represents the company’s owners. 


Basically, management and administration are both different terms, but if you look at it closely, you will find that the terms are more or less the same. Managers working on the uppermost level are said to be part of the administration, while the managers working on the lower or middle level represent management. This is why it is safe to conclude that administration is above management.