What To Know About Pirani Guage

In this article, we will discuss about what Pirani guage is, what it is used for, and what kind of device it is.

This device was made all the way back in 1906. The reason why it was made was that in the vacuum lamp industry, there was a need for a high vacuum environment. The two people who made this device are two German physicists. Their names are Siemens and Halske.

The first device they were using was McLeod gauges. They were glass tubes that had two kilograms of mercury in each of them. But, later on, in 1906, as we mentioned before, they introduced a vacuum gauge. This device used heated wire. It measured vacuum from the heat that was transferred from the wire and into the vacuum environment.

Now we will discuss about how this device is made and how it works.

What is Pirani gauge made out of?

The reason this device is made is to measure pressure. This pressure is one that needs to be measured in a vacuum system.

It is made with a heated wire and a glass tube. The heated wire is usually made out of nickel or platinum.

If we want to describe it more in-depth, we would say that it is made of a Wheatstone bridge. This part is made of a reference tube and a gauge tube (two). They each have fibers inside of them.

The two gauge tubes are connected with the system. And the system is the one that needs to have the pressure measurement of. Unlike the gauge tubes, the reference one is closed at that time. The reference tube is placed on each side of the gauge tubes.

It may sound complicated but, once you look at it, this device is a very simple one.

The reason why it is used so much is that, first, it is pretty inexpensive. It gives very accurate results. It is so much faster than other devices like this one. It can be used to measure pressure when it is low and high as well. There is so much more to know about this device. If you want to know, follow the link https://mechanicaljungle.com/what-is-pirani-gauge/.

How does the Pirani gauge device work?

We have already explained what this device is made out of. So we hope that you have a general idea about it so far.

We will now try to explain a bit about how it all comes together and functions. The power is first sent to the Wheatstone bridge. The gauge tube and reference tube filaments heat up.

Both tubes’ filaments will be heated to around fifty degrees Celsius. The system’s gauge tubes are open. The reference tubes, on the other hand, are closed.

This Piranis gauge is used to measure the pressure in the system. Gas molecules from the system will go inside the gauge tube as soon as it is opened and clash with the hot filaments.

When the pressure is low, the density of the gas will go low as well. This means that the gas will have less heat when moving through the filament. And this means that the pressure will be too high. This will cause the filament to get colder and cool down.

The thermal conductivity highly depends on what the pressure is like. If the temperature stays stagnant, then the gas pressure will remain the same as well.  If it changes, then the thermal conductivity will change as well.

Everything is closely connected. If one thing changes, then everything else consecutively. If you want to know more about this, check this page out.

How does the Pirani gauge device work


We have already discussed what the Pirani gauge is and how it works. For some, this can be a bit difficult to understand. But, this will be a piece of cake for those who have worked with similar devices.

This is a device that can be very beneficial if you choose to use it. As we mentioned before, it is pretty inexpensive and can be used for many years without causing any problems.

There would be no need to change any parts any time soon since they are not parts that have to be moved. When something that you use stays in one place all the time, there is no place for disruption.

There are instructions that need to be followed. But, that is entirely normal since every device has a particular way of working. The same goes for pirani guage and its way of working.

This device is one that you won’t have many things to worry about once you start using it. It doesn’t break easily, and it gives a really accurate result. What more could you ask from a product. It has a simple way of working, and you just need to follow the pattern.