Why is pizza the most popular delivery food?

A busy day at the office, or overtime schoolwork at a classmate’s house, or a visit to a friend’s house. Whenever you’re hungry and have no time to cook, just a tap on your phone gives you your all-time favorite pepperoni pizza, mozzarella, Hawaiian, or whatever flavor you want, as long as it’s pizza!


Every year, Pizza Today releases the top 100 largest pizza chains in the US. In 2019, Domino’s at Ann Arbor, MI had the most number of pizza sold 15,914, amounting to $13,545,200,000 gross sales, followed by Pizza Hut at Plano, TX with 18, 431 unit sold gaining $12,212,000,000. (click here for more details)


Business advisor Brian Roemmele in his research, found out that pepperoni dominates the most popular pizza topping because a whopping 36% of people order pepperoni on their pizzas. (click here for more details)


Ask someone if they have experienced having a pizza delivery, you barely find someone who would answer they have never tried to order pizza delivery. Why is pizza the most popular delivery food?


For centuries, people enjoy eating pizza from one simple flavor to a mouthwatering topping-filled pizza. But as far back as antiquity, pizzas were only in the form of a flatbread with savory toppings served as a simple and tasty meal for those who could not afford plates, or who were on the go. These early pizzas appeared in Virgil Aeneid. After arriving in Latium, Aeneas and his crew rested under the tree and laid out ‘thin wheaten cakes as platters for their meal.’ They put some herbs, mushrooms, they had found in the woods. (click here for more details)


For a long time, pizza was associated with the poverty of the lazzaroni or the people on Naples who were the lower class’s most impoverished. They were often depicted as beggars, and what they can easily have is pizza. Samuel Morse, the telegraph’s inventor, described pizza as a ‘species of the most disgusting cake, topped with slices of Pomodoro(tomatoes), and sprinkled with little fish and black pepper. Morse also said that the food looks like a piece of bread that has been taken reeking out of the sewer’. 


Lazzaronis had some improvement in their status, but until the 19th century, the first cookbooks did not include pizza on their content. However, in 1889 while on their visit to Naples, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita opted to try other foods as they were tired of eating French dishes from breakfast to dinner. 


To answer the royalties’ summon, pizzaioloRaffaele Esposito cooked three sorts of pizza: one with lard, caciocavallo, and basil; another with cicinielli; and a third with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. The queen was delighted, and her favorite was the last of the three flavors – was christened pizza Margherita in her honor. This event marked the shift in the world of pizza. The once food only fit for the lazzaroni became accepted as a royal dish because of the Margherita’s seal. The pizza was introduced as a genuine Italian food akin to pasta and polenta. 


Pizza traveled and moved out of Naples as a growing number of Neapolitans moved northwards, searching for work, taking their cuisine with them. America then became the second home of Pizza, and in 1905,

Lombardi’s pizza, the first pizzeria was opened in New York City. 


Nothing is more convenient than ordering online anything you want. From bags, shoes, kitchenware, makeup, and of course, food. With the changing lifestyle of people due to technological modernization, buying behavior also changed.


Nowadays, cooking food can be a luxury of time and effort, from buying groceries, preparing the raw materials, cooking, and preparing the food in the table. No wonder pizza became the most popular food ordered online since it was also the first food ordered online with the first online food sale to Pizza Hut, way back 1994.


Food delivery should be handled properly. Food must be packed and sealed at its best storage to preserve its “freshness” when it arrives at the customer who ordered online. Pizza is one of the ideal food to order, unlike soup, or something that quickly cools down. A deep-pan pizza having lots of cheese, and loaded with other toppings will stay warm for a long time and still tasty even when it is no longer piping hot.