Why do we have lines on the palms of our hands?

You might be one of the majority of people who think that lines on the palm of our hands are there to foretell the future. Or else, you might have simply wondered why they are there when they don’t seem to fulfill any purpose.

The palm lines on our palms are scientifically-regarded as palmar flexion creases. Human hands start to develop them while the baby is still in the womb at around the 12th week of the gestation period. That means all humans already have these creases on their palms once they are born.

While it may seem not it, the primary function of the palmar flexion creases is to aid the skin’s aid in squeezing and stretching. When you clench or open your hand, these palm lines serve as an avenue for the skin fold or bunch up. It’s only along these creases is the hand skin able to do such function. Through that, it is easier for you to curl your hands, make a fist or grab onto different items.

Hands are the strongest and most used external parts of the body. Imagine all the different activities you do and accomplish with your hands as the day starts until it ends. You use to open the door, pick your toothbrush and brush your teeth, get your keys and twist the knob, etc. The list just goes on and on, as there are innumerable things you do through your hands.

With that, the skin that covers the hand must be flexible enough to suit all such complicated actions and positions. As you fold, quench, bend, or sway your hand, the hands’ skin should be able to adjust accordingly. Thanks to the palmar flexion creases, loose skin is not hanging out from our palms and fingers, and we are able to do different functions using our hands.

The majority of the people possess three significant creases across their palms surfaces. However, some individuals only have one. Such condition is called as the single palmar crease or simian crease and is traced to be brought my abnormality in development. It is commonly found on babies diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome or down syndrome. However, doctors still need to do further examination and consider different factors before coming up with a diagnosis. Factors such as race and family history usually tell a lot about the number and width of the creases on one’s palms.

While there is a scientific explanation of the presence of palm lines on our hands, many people still believe that the creases can help them know their future. With that, there is still an abundance of fortune tellers across the globe, who read palms, predict people’s future, and earn a reasonable sum of money.

However, today, palmistry or chiromancy is still regarded as a pseudoscientific or superstitious practice. No wonder cause there is not enough empirical evidence to support such predictions. Moreover, various and opposing interpretations can be made by different fortune tellers from different cultures using the same palm lines.

So, if ever you hear someone wondering about the lines on their palm, tell those creases are there to help us fold, squeeze, crunch, or grab items without unduly stretching our hands’ skin. And, they’re not meant to predict the result of a business proposal, an entrance exam, or other significant events in your life.

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