Can We Create Energy Like the Sun?

Sun and electrical posts

We all know how important the Sun is here on Earth. From making our plants and crops grow to help us cook food and maintain the perfect balance of cold and warmth on our planet. Not only that, we have the Sun to thank for solar energy, which is a renewable source … Read more

How Can the World Be Indebted If We Can Print the Currency?

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There’s a saying that “money makes the world go round” well, it’s true because money is valuable and you can use it in exchange for goods and services all throughout the world. But why do we have a controlled supply of money? Why can’t the government print money and hand it out … Read more

Who Invented Cigarettes?

Marlboro Cigarette

A cigarette is made up of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper and used for smoking. The cigarettes that are widely available in the market today are milder compared to cigar tobacco. Most commercially produced cigarettes are made the same way; they are treated with sugar and butterfat to cover the bitter … Read more

Why Doesn’t Glue Stick to the Inside of the Bottle?

Why Doesn’t Glue Stick to the Inside of the Bottle?

Since we were kids, we used glue to stick things together. Glue is like magical stuff that mends and puts broken things back together. But as we grow older, probably most of us asked why does glue has the ability to stick to most objects, but why doesn’t it stick to the … Read more

What is the Only Butterfly that Migrates as Birds Do?

What is the Only Butterfly that Migrates as Birds Do?

The monarch butterfly, also called the ‘king’ of the butterfly world, is a species with an intricate cycle every year. The monarch butterfly undergoes four generations in a year, and each generation is distinguished into four distinct life stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Monarch butterflies are also the only butterflies that … Read more

Who Clapped For The First Time?

A person clapping

Clap is one of the very first things that babies learn to do. And as we grow old, we get to know that clapping is an acceptable way to show happiness and appreciation. We clap to cheer our favorite team or when a speaker makes a point we appreciate at a political … Read more

What Happens When An Unstoppable Force Pushes An Immovable Object?

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A popular question that has been around the internet for many years is the unstoppable force vs. an immovable object. Of course, the theory of relativity states clearly that an immovable item does not exist.  There are many reasons for that: you can move any immovable item, even something like your house … Read more