6 Inbound Marketing Strategies For Businesses

A powerful inbound marketing strategy is a lot like a good film. Both should hook an audience instantly, keep them captivated with a compelling story, and always leave them wanting more.

In fact, movies can teach marketers a lot about how to effectively execute an inbound marketing strategy to gain more leads and close more businesses.

Some Easy Inbound Marketing Strategies

  1. Blog
  2. Facebook fan page
  3. YouTube customer testimonials.
  4. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  5. Video Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing

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Let’s journey a bit to know more about these.

Blog. Blog Often!

If you have a website you need a blog. This can not be stressed enough. A company blog is the best way to ensure people can find your business. Use your blog often and pack it full of informative posts, questions, and answers, tutorials, etc. Fill it with any info that someone interested in your niche might search for on search engines. The more blog posts you have on your website means the more chances that customers will find your site.

Facebook Fan Page

You already have one of these right? Right? If not, get on that right away. Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the entire internet and it is full of millions of people who want to do nothing more than share their favorite things or browse the things other people like. The great thing about Facebook is that it’s simply one click to select or join a fan page or create a Facebook business page.

YouTube Customer Testimonials

Create a series of YouTube customer testimonials. The benefits of this are two folds. First off, you give your business even more of a chance to be found. YouTube is one of the web’s most searched websites. In fact, the YouTube search engine is second only to Google itself in terms of use. If the goal of inbound marketing is to get your business found, then you need to have a YouTube presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the ultimate in inbound marketing. This technique can make sure your business website is found by hundreds or thousands of people each month. SEO is all about getting your website to show up at the top of Google for quality keywords. As society becomes more tech-savvy things like the phone book and yellow pages are being phased out. Why would we waste paper when we can find anything with a quick Google search? The key is to make sure your site shows up when people search for terms related to your business. That is where SEO comes in.

Video Marketing

One of the most effective ways to express info is through videos. Individuals often visit popular video channels such as YouTube or Vimeo to get info to solve problems or learn about a service or product. Get in front of your market by being visible on these video channels. Also, be sure to provide a website link or contact number in the video description to guarantee they’ll find your business.

Social Media Marketing

Using sites such as Twitter and Facebook to build interest in a product or service are good ways to use inbound marketing strategies. Provide regular content that’s engaging on your social media account to attract potential customers. Don’t merely self promote, provide your audience with useful details, and engage with your leads online.