What Are the Health Benefits of Peepal Fruit and Its Powder?

It is always suggested that you go for organic items to gain the full health benefits without any side effects. The field of homeopathy is based on this concept where multiple organic items are used at a time to create any particular medicine. 

Most of the time, it is the roots of different vegetables or fruits that have different types of multivitamins and minerals that help in an improved immune system. It is always advised to make natural items such as Peepal fruit a part of your regular diet. 

About the Peepal Fruit

Although not commonly used, the Peepal fruit is considered as an evergreen one with trees growing all year round. A Peepal tree has different parts like the root bark, stem bark, roots, leaves, and fruits all of which are used in creating organic medicine and treating a range of conditions as well. Peepal is considered sacred in different parts of India. The tree is one of the biggest sources of emitting oxygen for humans. Its leaves are distinct from other trees and have heart-shaped leaves. 

Health Benefits of Peepal Powder

Peepal has several health benefits which is why you should be consuming the fruit or Peepal powder on routine days. 

Saves you from a bad stomach

If you ever catch diarrhea, Peepal powder is going to be the only thing you would want to consume. People who have diarrhea have an aggravated level of Vata which results in excessive fluid in the intestine and ultimately leading to loose motions. 

Peepal fruit or powder helps in controlling the loss of water from the body as well as minimizing the increased level of Vata. It also makes the stool thicker because of its absorbent properties. By contracting the mucosal cells, there is an improved respiratory and digestive system.

A Peepal tree grown inside waters.

A Healthy Skin

Peepal powder is considered a great organic supplement for your skin. With a mixture of Peepal powder and Peepal leaf extract, one can make a cream that can reduce the inflammation on the skin. Those who have itching problems can also use this cream. Moreover, it can also be used for healing wounds on the skin. If you also have cracked heels, apply Peepal powder on the cracked skin and it would help in improving your skin. 

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Blood Purification

Peepal is advised to all patients who have medical issues of uncontrolled blood sugar. It helps in minimizing the high blood sugar levels and ensuring you have a smooth immune system. Peepal powder can also be used for gastric-blood disorders. All you need to do is take a gram or two of Peepal powder along with honey and it will help in improving your blood flow and making it better for the body. 


People who face problems in breathing or excessive coughing can also benefit from Peepal. It clears up the blocked airways and helps you in balancing your respiratory tract. Doctors recommend asthmatic patients to take Peepal fruit and Peepal seeds powder regularly in their diets. 

Rich in Nutrients

Another good reason why everyone should be taking Peepal fruit is that it contains a large variety of multivitamins and minerals essential for the smooth functioning of the human body. Peepal leaves have a high content of Glucose, Asteroid, and Mennos. The Peepal bark contains Vitamin K, Tainan, and Phaeton Steroline. There are supplements that also provide balanced nutrition such as Balance of Nature.

Peepal fruit buds

Useful in Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

There can be tough times for a woman when she is having her periods with excessive bleeding. This type of disorder is known as Menorrhagia and is caused by an increased Pitta dosha. Using Peepal Bark in this condition would be quite useful for the human body as it will control the excessive bleeding due to the cold and astringent properties of the plant. Look for prescription medicines available at https://www.pricepropharmacy.com/product/prempro/ that is helpful in controlling excessive bleeding and other menstrual problems. 

Gives Strength

It is true that most organic substances have high energy potential and give you increased strength. Peepal is among those fruits and is advised to many men who have a lower sexual strength. For male impotency, Peepal is advised to be taken with warm milk once a day. 

Keeps the Liver Healthy

If you are facing any kind of liver problems, the best way to heal up is to use 3 fresh leaves of Peepal and mix them with crystal sugar. This will form a powder that has to be mixed in 250ml water after which the mixture should be filtered. The remaining water should be consumed two times a day. If people are facing any liver disease, it would be helpful in flushing out any kind of bad toxins from the body. The medication from Peepal is also used for people who face any kind of Jaundice. 

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Eye and Tooth Pain

If one is facing eye pain or tooth pain, they will be healed up in no time with the help of Peepal. For eye pain, the milk of the leaves needs to be used as an eye ointment while for tooth pain, the Peepal powder needs to be mixed with boiling water and then used for gargles. 

Peepal leaf has various health benefits.

Cures Venomous Effects

By any chance you have been attacked by a snake or any other venomous animal, Peepal extracts need to be used. By taking two spoons of extracts after every few hours will slowly reduce the venomous effects due to the cold properties of Peepal. 


Based on the different benefits that we just mentioned, it can be concluded that Peepal fruit is one of the best ones for the human immune system and the body. The nutritional content of Peepal is amazing if consumed in the right manner. 

However, one should keep in mind that there are certain reactions to Peepal fruit that some may face. Since it contains latex, there is a chance that some of you might face rashes and allergies. In case you do have any confusion, or you have a sensitive skin, we do not recommend that you consume Peepal fruit right away. Consult a dermatologist for better advice.