Can Potatoes be Preserved for the Long Term?

potatoes, potato sack, soil, sprouts

Potatoes typically last longer in the kitchen than most fruits and vegetables, although they eventually begin to sprout green shoots, losing some of their flavor and freshness. But, if you know how to store potatoes properly, they’ll stay fresh for weeks or even months. One sure way to keep them fresh for … Read more

Can Avocados be Grown at Home?

pear-shaped green fruits, green leaves, fruits with rough texture

It might be a little tricky and requires so much time and effort, but you certainly can grow avocados at home! It is entirely possible to sprout these pear-shaped green fruit in the garden in your backyard with constant love and dedication. An avocado tree is a warm-season plant and can easily … Read more

Are carrot leaves edible?


A straightforward answer is ‘yes’-carrot leaves are edible! If you are a carrot eater, whenever you buy fresh carrots, choose the ones that have tops as you can maximize them by making soups, sauces, or side dishes. Besides its health benefits, you are also reducing food waste. Carrot leaves are nutritious, edible … Read more

Are Tomato Leaves Edible?

Tomatoes are a great addition to our diet, but those concerned about waste might consider consuming its leaves as well. With so many people wanting to cut costs and eat healthier, thinking about eating tomato leaves is not such a strange consideration.  We might have grown up thinking that tomato leaves aren’t … Read more

What Trees Grow the Tallest?

A towering tree among other smaller trees

Years of being on this planet might already give you an idea that nature is truly full of wonder and astonishment. Our flora and fauna are extraordinary. While some are seen as simple and normal as we see them in our everyday lives, amazing discoveries are made in the middle of plant … Read more

Why Are Fungi Considered Neither Plant Nor Animal?

Why are fungi considered neither plant nor animal?

Our world consists of a wide diversity of living and non-living things, and under these categories are thousands of various individuals classified into domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species accordingly. These different lifeforms are what we see in our ecosystem, which helps support human life. Among all these lifeforms, … Read more

What determines if a plant is a fruit or a vegetable?

What determines if a plant is a fruit or a vegetable

At the center of the overlapping area between fruits and vegetables lies the tomato. Is it a fruit or a vegetable? It doesn’t taste sweet like most fruits, yet it does contain seeds and has the same form of an apple. Moreover, we often see them in vegetable gardens, growing with cabbages, … Read more