Why Is Flossing So Important?

an open dental tape, a thread of dental tape

Dentists have always asked about flossing habits after every check-up, and there’s a reason for that. Dentists, having studied this, know that flossing is a vital part of oral health. Read on to understand why flossing is essential in maintaining your smile. Sometimes, food gets stuck between your teeth after eating; these … Read more

Why Do Women Have a Cesarean Section?

big baby bump, two white knitted shoes on the mother’s belly, girl wearing white clothes

Cesarean birth or also known as c-section is a way of delivering a baby through surgery. The doctor will cut a woman’s belly or uterus, which will serve as a passageway for the baby to come out.  Some women undergo normal vaginal birthing. However, some women need a caesarean birthing because it … Read more