Are Steel Vessels Safe to Use in the Microwave Oven?

A modern-day microwave

When it comes to heating food items in a microwave oven, there are certain materials that you should not be using. For instance, we all know that metal items are a big no-no. If you were to use materials that are not recommended, the microwaves will bounce back and forth, also hitting … Read more

What Are Transition Lenses?

A close-up shot of a human eye

Transition lens also known as the photochromic lens are quite popular nowadays. These lenses are designed to turn dark when the sunlight hits while returning to a clear state in the absence of activating light. Their popularity stems from the fact that one does not need to carry a pair of glasses … Read more

Who First Invented Cryptocurrency?

Bank account mastercards in a pocket

The cryptocurrency is a fast-growing digital asset used as a substitute for real money to online transactions. Bitcoin, established in 2009, was the earliest and the most popular cryptocurrency even today. If you had invested $1000 in Bitcoin the year it was released, you would be at least $43 million richer in … Read more

How is Plastic Made and Who Invented It?

a bin full of plastic bottle containers, with garbage bags on the side

Plastic water containers. Plastic packaging. Plastic cups, plates, spoon, fork, and utensils. Plastic chairs and tables. Plastic bags. Plastic pots. Plastic bottles, and too many to mention. Plastics are everywhere. Perhaps, when you look around now, you can name at least ten things made of plastics. No wonder, plastics are dramatically a … Read more

How is Lipstick Made and Who Invented It?

lipsticks in different colors

What is that one thing that you cannot go out of the house without? Of course, you cannot simply go out without your clothes unless you live in the mountains belonging to a tribe without some covering on their upper body. Generally, clothes are indispensable, and perhaps if you are going somewhere, … Read more