Can We Create Energy Like the Sun?

Sun and electrical posts

We all know how important the Sun is here on Earth. From making our plants and crops grow to help us cook food and maintain the perfect balance of cold and warmth on our planet. Not only that, we have the Sun to thank for solar energy, which is a renewable source … Read more

Who Invented Cigarettes?

Marlboro Cigarette

A cigarette is made up of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper and used for smoking. The cigarettes that are widely available in the market today are milder compared to cigar tobacco. Most commercially produced cigarettes are made the same way; they are treated with sugar and butterfat to cover the bitter … Read more

Who Developed the Concept of the Color Wheel?

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As early as 40 thousand years ago, artists invented the first pigments, a combination of chalk, animal fat, soil, and burnt charcoal, creating the basic palette of five colors, including yellow, black, red, white, and brown. Since then, the history of colors has an ongoing discovery through scientific advancement and exploration. The … Read more

Who was the inventor of the telephone?

telephone with a pen and a paper beneath

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. His invention changed communication, paved the way for what it is today, and even more sophisticated technology, such as communication satellites. He was always passionate about sound technology since both his wife and his mother were deaf. Despite the numerous issues that arose on the authenticity of … Read more

Who Invented Matches?

A burning matchstick

In the 19th century, something remarkable happened in England as the people for the first time witnessed the creation of controllable light and heat on demand. They were very impressed with the matches as they gave them the ability to create and light up fire quickly, without any struggle. It also helped … Read more

Who Invented the Safety Pin?

safety pin lies flat on a blue surface

A safety pin is a basic pin that functions with a spring mechanism and a clasp. The clasp at the upper end can create a closed-loop to fasten the pin to whatever it is attached to appropriately, and this also serves as a cover for the other end of the pin, securing … Read more

How is Nail Polish Made and Who Invented It?

different nail polish colors and styles, nail art

Women love to end their stressful week pampering themselves by going to a salon for hair makeover or treatment, getting a body massage, or having a manicure or pedicure. Body relaxation from a massage is usually complemented with foot spa and, of course, nail pampering. There are a few nail polish types … Read more

What is baker’s yeast, and how was it discovered?

a baker standing and a dough on the table

Don’t you know that yeasts are living organisms? Yes, and they are mostly single-celled organisms belonging to the fungus kingdom. There are more than 1,500 identified strains of yeast, and one particular species is called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which needs food, warmth, and moisture to thrive. Yeasts are universal. They can be found … Read more

Who Discovered CBD?

The Cannabis sativa hemp where CBD can be found

In the words of the prominently celebrated Reality TV Show Star, Kim Kardashian, “Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!”. Another quote can be taken from the renowned, award-winning actor Tom Hanks: “The benefits of CBD oil are unlike any pill or medication can do.” Lastly, Anthony Pettis, … Read more

Who First Invented Cryptocurrency?

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The cryptocurrency is a fast-growing digital asset used as a substitute for real money to online transactions. Bitcoin, established in 2009, was the earliest and the most popular cryptocurrency even today. If you had invested $1000 in Bitcoin the year it was released, you would be at least $43 million richer in … Read more