How is Velcro made?

Hat using Velcro

During the 1950s, George de Mestral, a Swiss electrical engineer, established Velcro, which is currently recognized as Velcro IP Holdings LLC and operates under the trade name Velcro Company. This privately owned British enterprise was founded by de Mestral. It was the first company to produce hook-and-loop fasteners, which de Mestral invented. … Read more

How Was The Calendar Invented?

a Gregorian calendar

People often take time for granted. They usually aren’t curious why or how it exists; they only accept that it does. Your birthday could fall during the winter, the week always begins on Sunday, and February is unusually short and has an additional one day every four years. It is simply the way things work. … Read more

Can We Create Energy Like the Sun?

Sun and electrical posts

We all know how important the Sun is here on Earth. From making our plants and crops grow to help us cook food and maintain the perfect balance of cold and warmth on our planet. Not only that, we have the Sun to thank for solar energy, which is a renewable source … Read more

Who Invented Cigarettes?

Marlboro Cigarette

A cigarette is made up of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper and used for smoking. The cigarettes that are widely available in the market today are milder compared to cigar tobacco. Most commercially produced cigarettes are made the same way; they are treated with sugar and butterfat to cover the bitter … Read more

Who Developed the Concept of the Color Wheel?

Various color cards

As early as 40 thousand years ago, artists invented the first pigments, a combination of chalk, animal fat, soil, and burnt charcoal, creating the basic palette of five colors, including yellow, black, red, white, and brown. Since then, the history of colors has an ongoing discovery through scientific advancement and exploration. The … Read more

Who was the inventor of the telephone?

telephone with a pen and a paper beneath

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. His invention changed communication, paved the way for what it is today, and even more sophisticated technology, such as communication satellites. He was always passionate about sound technology since both his wife and his mother were deaf. Despite the numerous issues that arose on the authenticity of … Read more

Who Invented Matches?

A burning matchstick

In the 19th century, something remarkable happened in England as the people for the first time witnessed the creation of controllable light and heat on demand. They were very impressed with the matches as they gave them the ability to create and light up fire quickly, without any struggle. It also helped … Read more

Who Invented the Safety Pin?

safety pin lies flat on a blue surface

A safety pin is a basic pin that functions with a spring mechanism and a clasp. The clasp at the upper end can create a closed-loop to fasten the pin to whatever it is attached to appropriately, and this also serves as a cover for the other end of the pin, securing … Read more