What would happen if the earth stopped rotating?

What would happen if the earth stopped rotating

The Earth serves as our planetary abode. The planet is currently the sole celestial body for which substantial quantities of water have been identified, and it stands as the exclusive site where the presence of life has been established. The region experiences wind patterns and undergoes seasonal variations. Have you ever considered … Read more

What is an inukshuk?

British Columbia inukshuk

You might come across sizable rock formations that tower over the surrounding scenery if you travel through northern Canada, Alaska, or even Greenland. But what are these enormous piles of rock, and what do they signify?  An inukshuk is a stone structure that the Inuit traditionally erected. The word inukshuk, which was … Read more

How Can We Follow a Zero Waste Lifestyle?

a pile of garbage in a landfill

Living a waste-free lifestyle may take a bit getting accustomed to, as the modern lifestyle demands us to focus our attention on consuming for the sake of consuming. However, a zero=waste lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to do away with life’s luxuries; it only means investing more consciousness into your consumer choices. … Read more

Is Cherrapunji India The Wettest Place on Earth?

A signboard saying “the wettest place on planet earth Cherrapunjee”

The wettest place on Earth, Cherrapunji, is located in the East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya (Indian State). However, among those heavy showers and thick rainforest are several unknown and known natural wonders – some are discovered while others are still undiscovered.  Why Cherrapunji is the Wettest Place in India? It is moderately … Read more

How do deserts form? Where are those sands coming from?

How do deserts form Where are those sands coming from

Deserts are fundamentally a barren area of the landscape. It is the variations in the temperature during the day and night, which has a huge role to play in forming them. A desert is formed when an area has received a very short amount of rain in a long time. Deserts can … Read more

How can lightning strikes cut trees in half?

How can lightning strikes cut trees in half

What Is Lightning? Lightning is nature’s powerful phenomenon. The effects of a lightning strike on any object can be devastating. Lightning is basically a power source of millions of joules of energy. It occurs due to the electrostatic discharge that takes place as a result of two electrically charged regions trying to … Read more

How are oases formed in deserts?

How are oases formed in deserts

Deserts are not ideal places for humans to inhabit. The harsh conditions are not suitable for any creature, let alone humans. Yet, there is something that makes human habitation possible in the vast sea of sand. These are the oases. In geological terms, an oasis is an isolated area of fertile land, … Read more