SEO practices several years ago are quite different from the current landscape. Trends are always very difficult to keep up with – especially when marked by time.  Hence, the need for you to follow the current best SEO practices surfaces. So your site can hit large visibility upon search.

So, here’s an explicit compilation of 9 best search optimization practices that will assist you in helming through SEO in 2021. For professional results, hire iTonic for your SEO. Also you can visit SEO Agency Singapore.

1. Optimize your Page Speed

Nobody would like to visit a page that takes ages to load.  Your visitors might get bored and frustrated, and your ranking will drop on the search radar. A lot of factors affect page speed, it could be your site’s code, server location, or high-quality images.

You could evaluate your PageSpeed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool.

However, the speed efficiency of your page can be optimized by compressing all images, using lazy-loading and a CDN.

2. Learn about SERP features

To rank at the top of the search radar for a keyword, your content must be SERP-worthy. This is one of the biggest ways to top search results.  SERP features include Featured Snippets, Shopping Results, and Image Packs. ‘Ahrefs’ is an SEO tool to visit to perform this operation, although it comes with an offer for new users.

3. Publish more new contents

SEO results can be multiplied faster by updating and optimizing your existing content, even without wiping them out totally. It creates a better percentage of search views. You could follow an endorsed philosophy of “40% old content, 60% new content”. In other words, as much as you retain old content, make more new content quickly.

4. Write a Persuasive Title Tag

Title tags are headlines that unfold on the search radar. “They are critical to giving users a quick insight into the content of a result…”, according to Google. It is very important to use compelling and high-quality titles on your website. It increases your chances of appearing on top of the search results.

5. Create better content than others

Guarantee that your content must hold much value and quality than anyone else in the competition. Discover patterns at which it can be the most relevant, top quality, and recommendable, especially than those currently at the top.

Google looks for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness in its Search Quality Guidelines; it has been repeated for years.

As regards the length of your content, be specific on long-form content. 

6. Build a top brand

Branding is one of the most important concepts of a business. Recognize the fact that consumers would prefer to spend more time on content on their favorite channels, than a website. Hence, you should build more than a website. It adds more traffic even to your website.

7. Indicate Keywords on your URL

The URL structure supplies both consumers and search engines with an impression of the destination page. It should be simple, short, and logical with comprehensible words. Avoid being unnecessarily wordy. Indicate rich and relatable keywords for better ranking on the search radar.

8. Align your SERP to Zero-click searches

Here, the user will not need to click on a link to find a search result. Instead, he will find it on your SERP. It will boost the chances of visiting your website immediately or later.

9. Customer Review

It is important to check out how the users feel about your website. This can be achieved by creating a comment/review box. It will help you to correct lapses and create a better condition for your website.