A Guide to Oil Skimming: What you Need to Know

When businesses generate liquid waste, this effluent must be properly treated before it can be released into our waterways and there are serious penalties for those businesses that fail to comply with the environmental regulations of the state government. Oil water separators and oil skimming systems are available from leading suppliers and these devices are critical in the process of removing oil and solids from the liquid waste.

Automatic Floating Skimmers

These corrosion-resistant stainless-steel weir skimmers are extremely versatile and can deal with oil at a range of depths, not just on the surface. The triple float design is both stable and easy for a single person to handle, plus the equipment comes in 4 sizes, ranging from compact, through standard to large. The adjustable intake weir allows you to make changes for maximum efficiency and when looking for efficient oil skimming, search for a Florida-based supplier who has all the solutions.

Benefits of Automatic Floating Skimmers

The benefits include the following:

  • Used in conjunction with a self-primed
  • Tri-float design for extra stability.
  • Long suction hose (10′).
  • Shallow draft – Minimum 12″.
  • Adjustable intake.

There is also a debris protection sheet that ensures the skim suction is not impeded, while the floats are detachable, for easy transportation. The skimmer can be folded, allowing for deployment through a confined area and it will automatically open at the right level.

Rotary Pipe Skimmer

This is a manually operated device that can be fitted to any structure that needs surface product removal; the hardy equipment is made of fiberglass and is very durable and long-lasting. Whether above grade, flush or below grade, the equipment effectively removes and isolates floating products into separate oil storage tanks. Sizes range from 2″ to 40″ and with easy installation and easy maintenance, manual rotary pipe skimmers are a very popular solution to product separation. Here are a few car-cleaning tips to help keep your wheels looking good.

Oil Containment

You probably need oil storage tanks that can hold the removed product, allowing the liquid to drain away, while the removed product stays in a holding tank. When you are looking to sort out floating products from waste water, search with Google for a leading oil-water separator specialist and let them come and survey your site, which enables them to recommend the best solution.

Spill Prevention

Of course, the last thing you want is any oil spillage and the latest generation of oil tanks have state of the art spill prevention systems in place. The state controls are stringent, as you would expect and this equipment exceeds the spill prevention control limits that regulators set.

Online Solutions

The last thing you need is to be driving around looking for a Palm Beach oil skimmer specialist, which is where Google comes into play. Once you have hooked up with a reputable oil skimmer company, they will pay you a visit and offer their professional opinion on the best way forward.