Are Custom Car Covers Washable?

There’s nothing quite like a custom car cover to keep your classic vehicle or everyday commuter clean, comfortable and safe. If you’re the proud owner of a car cover with zipper, or still considering whether a custom cover is the right decision for you, learn more about easy care and storage steps to maintain your cover.

How To Care For Your Car Cover

Your cover has cared for your vehicle and protected it from the worst of the elements, so treat it right with routine car cover care. An improperly cleaned cover may damage your vehicle. It can also experience a short lifetime due to improper care. Here are some signs that it’s time to clean your fitted car cover:

  • Dirt inside the cover
  • Bird droppings on the cover
  • Sap on the cover
  • Excess dirt on the cover
  • You’re preparing the cover for long-term storage

Car covers come in a wide range of materials tailored specifically for your storage situation. Because of this, there are no universal care tips for your cover. Don’t treat all your covers the same or assume you can follow the same care steps as your neighbor or family member.

Start by inspecting the owner’s manual or care tag on your cover. Some leading covers are machine washable, while others are hand wash only.

If you can put your cover in a washing machine, follow the cycle instructions and be sure you have a large enough washer. You typically need to use a commercial-grade washing machine. Use a mild detergent or a diluted Simple Green solution to thoroughly remove dust, dirt, bird droppings and other contamination.

Hand-washable covers should still be washed frequently, but they can’t be put in a washing machine. Instead, use a garden hose, sponge and mild detergent to wash and rinse your cover. Hang it somewhere safe to thoroughly dry before being stored or used. Don’t attempt to put a wet cover on your car.

Most covers, even machine-washable ones, should only be air dried. If you can put your cover in the dryer, be sure you have the appropriate dryer size and setting. Medium heat is acceptable in most cases, and some covers are even capable of being dried on high heat settings.

How To Store Your Car Cover

An improperly stored cover won’t do its job properly. If you’ve heard rumors of car covers that scratch car paint, these incidents are caused either by poor-quality covers or by improper cover care. Follow these steps to be sure your cover is always ready to go:

  • Thoroughly clean and dry your cover on a routine basis
  • Carefully fold your cover
  • Protect your stored cover from moisture, animals and dirt
  • Shake out your cover after storage to check for debris

These simple storage steps will go a long way in keeping your cover clean and reliable. Protect your trailer with a car trailer cover for the same level of reliable protection as your car enjoys. Shop for a new custom-fit cover online and learn more about personalized care steps for each of your automobile covers.