Who First Invented Cryptocurrency?

Bank account mastercards in a pocket

The cryptocurrency is a fast-growing digital asset used as a substitute for real money to online transactions. It is also used by the players engaging to play in Crypto Casinos as their digital money. Bitcoin, established in 2009, was the earliest and the most popular cryptocurrency even today. If you had invested … Read more

What is Polystyrene and How was it Invented?

a close up view of the polystyrene balls

Polystyrene comes in a wide variety of uses. Food packaging and handling Our daily activities aren’t complete without seeing an item made of Polystyrene. When you go out for groceries, vegetables, fruits, and other food products are stored in polystyrene packaging material. Other perishable goods like meat, eggs, fish, and fresh salads … Read more

How is Plastic Made and Who Invented It?

a bin full of plastic bottle containers, with garbage bags on the side

Plastic water containers. Plastic packaging. Plastic cups, plates, spoon, fork, and utensils. Plastic chairs and tables. Plastic bags. Plastic pots. Plastic bottles, and too many to mention. Plastics are everywhere. Perhaps, when you look around now, you can name at least ten things made of plastics. No wonder, plastics are dramatically a … Read more

How is Lipstick Made and Who Invented It?

lipsticks in different colors

What is that one thing that you cannot go out of the house without? Of course, you cannot simply go out without your clothes unless you live in the mountains belonging to a tribe without some covering on their upper body. Generally, clothes are indispensable, and perhaps if you are going somewhere, … Read more

Who invented bubble wrap? And what is the story behind it?

Who invented bubble wrap? And what is the story behind it?

All of you must have come across that bubbly sheet at one point of time. Fragile things often come packed in it, and children and adults like to blow those bubbles with the same enthusiasm. The bubble wraps, as they are called, provide safety for the things by cushioning them from impacts. … Read more

When and where was fork invented?

When and where was fork invented?

Let’s talk about forks! There’s a deli fork, table fork, fish fork, fruit fork, salad fork, ice cream fork, a dessert fork, and spaghetti fork. Whether they come in three of four teeth, it helps when we have them on the table every time we eat. Some people start at the outside … Read more

Who Is The World’s Oldest Woman to Give Birth? At What Age?

Who is the world's oldest woman to give birth At what age

For some people, having pregnancy is a blessing, especially after giving birth to a healthy baby. It is because not all women are capable of getting pregnant due to several reasons, including medical conditions, age, and many others. That is why mothers do their best to keep themselves healthy during pregnancy to … Read more

Who invented French fries? What is its history?

Who invented French fries What is its history

French fries are one of the most popular snacks that we know today. There are dozens of various ways to cook French fries, and you would still get a common taste of the potato. Despite the several styles of preparing this snack, people are all enjoying its perfect crispiness. This potato snack … Read more

Who Invented peanut butter? What is its history?

Who Invented peanut butter? What is its history

Peanut butter is one of the all-time favorite spreads, which many people use in a sandwich. Coupled with jelly, you can make the perfect combination that many people love. The popularity of peanut butter not only reigned over the United States but also reached many countries around the globe. We can see … Read more