What is the Repository of the Internet?

binary numbers and monitors

This is an era of technology. There is no need to go through a pile of books when you can get any information you want with one click. Internet is a popular platform for sharing information due to its continuous availability. An internet repository is a digital library that you can access … Read more

How Can a Robot See?

a white robot looking upward

In today’s era, robots are used everywhere in various forms. They can do many amazing things like working in manufacturing factories, delivering a package, and even exploring things like Mars’s surface. Despite these facts, we only notice robots that are designed to make a delicious cup of coffee. Robots can’t see and … Read more

How does Internet Gambling Work?

Casino card, red dice and blue chips on a laptop

This year, the online gambling market is expected to generate a growth rate of 13.2% at $66.7 billion from last year’s $58.9 billion. If you cannot visualize how big $66.7 billion is, try thinking about the most successful video streaming platform, Youtube. Youtube has two billion monthly logged-in users, with people uploading … Read more

Who First Invented Cryptocurrency?

Bank account mastercards in a pocket

The cryptocurrency is a fast-growing digital asset used as a substitute for real money to online transactions. It is also used by the players engaging to play in Crypto Casinos as their digital money. Bitcoin, established in 2009, was the earliest and the most popular cryptocurrency even today. If you had invested … Read more

How is Plastic Made and Who Invented It?

a bin full of plastic bottle containers, with garbage bags on the side

Plastic water containers. Plastic packaging. Plastic cups, plates, spoon, fork, and utensils. Plastic chairs and tables. Plastic bags. Plastic pots. Plastic bottles, and too many to mention. Plastics are everywhere. Perhaps, when you look around now, you can name at least ten things made of plastics. No wonder, plastics are dramatically a … Read more

How is Lipstick Made and Who Invented It?

lipsticks in different colors

What is that one thing that you cannot go out of the house without? Of course, you cannot simply go out without your clothes unless you live in the mountains belonging to a tribe without some covering on their upper body. Generally, clothes are indispensable, and perhaps if you are going somewhere, … Read more

Why Do Many Workplace PCs Still Run On Old Software?

Why do many workplace PCs still run on old software

First and the primary cause of why numerous workplaces are still running on old versions of Windows or iOS is the cost. This is especially true in the case of small businesses running with a limited but committed number of individuals. These businesses do not have a great amount to spare for … Read more

How are hexadecimal color codes formed?

How are hexadecimal color codes formed

Hexadecimal, or hex, is a number system that uses Base-16. Number bases are numeral systems with a specific number of units or unique symbols representing a particular positional value. The most common number base is the Base-10 or the decimal system. The Decimal system is the numbers from 0-9 that we use … Read more