Curious facts about education around the world

Education can be different in each country and on every continent. Although there are similar arguments about when is the best time to start compulsory education, and how long a school day should be, the answers given by different nationalities vary. It’s nothing but fascinating to examine this data. You quickly realize that education across the globe is different, even though everyone learns the same things.

It is even more amazing when you consider how countries compare the education levels of their populations with other countries. This seems almost impossible considering the differing approaches. Education is a fundamental part of human life and My Paper Writer experts fully agree with this statement. This is something that we can all agree upon. Learning more about it can help you to be better in your education.

As you can see there are many fascinating facts regarding education in the world. This article includes 20 facts, figures about education around the world that will surprise you.

1. Australia’s School of the Air transmits lessons via radio signals, to distant students who live in remote areas.

2. India has the largest number of schools. It is known as City Montessori School. It has more than 32,000 students.

3. China, where children do the most homework. Shanghai’s teenagers spend an astonishing 14 hours a day at the kitchen table.

4. Pakistani children do not have the legal right to free education. In fact, compulsory education is only available between the ages of 5 and 9.

5. Summer holidays run from the middle to early March in Chile. This gives children three months of vacation.

6. France, with its shortest school year and longest school day, is the country with the most.

7. Germany gives children a special treat called a Schultute. This cone contains pencils (mini books), snacks, and other items that can only be opened once they start school.

8. Canadian students learn a lot of their lessons both in French or English.

9. Brazil has lunch as a major event. Children get up at 7 am to go to school and come home at noon for lunch.

10. Hollandese children all start school on the fourth day of their birthday, so there’s always somebody new in class.

11. England’s oldest and most prestigious boarding school, The King’s School at Canterbury, is located in England. It was founded in 1567 but offers a fully modern education complete with the latest equipment and supplies.

12. Russian school children are always enrolled on the 1st of September, despite it being a holiday or weekend.

13. With only one pupil, Turin is the smallest school on the planet.

14. Finland boasts one of a number of the longest school opening ages around the globe and one of the most effective education systems. It is seven years old.

15. Girls, and boys, are educated independently in Iran until they reach university. Teachers must be of the exact same gender as the students they are teaching.

16. Although children in Kenya don’t need to go to school, many do.

17. Bangladesh’s flooding problem has led to the establishment of more than 100 schools for boating. Each one is equipped with internet access, a library, as well as solar power.

18. America, home to the 101-year-old Agnes Zhelesnik is the best place to find the world’s oldest teacher.

19. The subject taught in Icelandic school is knitting.

20. Phumachangtang Primary School Tibet At 5,373 meters above the water, it is thought to be the highest school in the entire world.

It’s safe enough to say education is delivered in unique ways around the world. You will find children learning in their own unique ways.