Event Planning Tips: Hallmarks of a Fantastic Event in 2021

It is a rather interesting time for event planners and businesses that focus on events, as the current pandemic has brought about sweeping changes to multiple industries around the globe. Many people are forced to stay indoors to help stave off infection, and plenty of businesses have been forced to adopt a stronger online presence due to a lack of business for physical establishments.

It is an interesting time and one that offers new opportunities for success — even when it comes to those who might be interested in planning a big event. As 2021 has undoubtedly taught, it is more crucial than ever to err on the side of caution, and it is still fully possible to plan an unforgettable event. Here are just some hallmarks of a great event in 2021.

An emphasis on safety

While many people want to put up a strong front in the face of the virus, there is no denying that there is still much to fear from going to public events. If people are not following safety regulations, it raises the odds of someone catching just about any virus — it does not even have to be COVID-19. People want to be reassured that everything is okay, and one of the hallmarks of a great event is the reassurance that all is well due to the focus on safety.

For example, following safety protocols and regulations based on where the event is taking place is the bare minimum as far as parties go. If the guests know that you are doing everything you can to ensure their safety, they will feel much more relaxed and willing to have fun. Something as simple as having a sanitising station can have far-reaching effects.

A new way to handle catering

There are plenty of businesses out there that depend on events to keep going, which is why the pandemic has had such a monumental effect on that particular industry. Fortunately, many businesses were able to survive the shift, and they have taken safety precautions to a new level. When searching for expert catering for events in 2021, you will find that many businesses have adapted to the safety regulations quite handily. It is a far more focused experience and geared toward spreading as few germs as possible with a distinct lack of buffet options to limit the spread.

Thinking outside the box

Aside from asking the usual question about what type of chair covers and linens to use for your special event and an emphasis on safety when it comes to general procedures and catering, an unforgettable event is all about providing an unorthodox experience. There are still plenty of specialised companies out there that provide a unique experience for everyone involved — such as fairground hire. Thinking outside the box will undoubtedly have more people talking about your event for months to come.

The hallmarks of an event to remember in 2021 are all about promoting safety while simultaneously going for unusual themes. While the theme might depend heavily on the subject of the event, it pays to have a little bit of fun when choosing the right theme!