How does deodorant work, and why it stops working after a few hours?

Personal hygiene is important. And so is learning more about how stuff works. Talking about deodorants, let us see how they work and what can help you smell nice all day long.

What is Body Odor, and what is its Source? 

The sweat does not have an inherent smell. It is merely a combination of water and extra electrolytes. The smell is produced by the action of bacteria, which find a nidus in the sweaty areas and multiply rapidly. They feed on the waste material excreted in sweat and produce the waste products that accumulate and cause the bad odor. The body has specific areas that act as a source of this sweat and odor, and these are the places that need protection by deodorants.

Hence, we are recommended the use of deodorants. A deodorant has anti-bacterial properties. It kills the bacteria that grow in the armpits, so they don’t produce odor. In contrast to antiperspirants, deodorants do not stop or reduce the amount of sweat produced. They merely kill the bacteria and also stop the bacteria from growing again. So, they help us feel fresh all day long.

Antiperspirant, on the other hand, blocks the sweat glands so that they don’t extrude the sweat that the bacteria feed on to make body odor.

The action of both these products is dependent on the active chemical ingredient. Over time, the concentration of the active ingredient is consumed and decreased. When it is not present in a high enough concentration, the action of the deodorant begins to fade. The same happens in the case of an antiperspirant. In both cases, they stop working when the active chemical isn’t present in a high enough concentration to keep working.

Deodorants come in different forms and choosing one is largely a matter of personal preference. Deodorant sprays are most commonly used and available. Roll-ons can be a more personal way to use deodorants. They can be easily carried in small purses and stored wherever you want them to. A newer choice is deodorant sticks that can be used as a highly personal product and always kept in your bag where ever you go.

A deodorant is mainly an alcohol-based product. The main ingredients in deodorant are sodium stearate, sodium chloride, and stearyl alcohol. Antimicrobials are also used that eliminate the odor-producing bacteria. In addition to that, essential oils and fragrances are added to mask the bad odor and help you feel fresh and confident all day long.

In the beginning of the deodorant production, zinc and salts were also used, which later proved to be a cause of skin irritation and were even carcinogenic. With the advancement in technology and better knowledge about chemicals, deodorants that were skin and environment-friendly came into being. You should not be a source of perturbing odor when you enter a room, hence investing in a good deodorant is compulsory. Also, you should learn about the ingredients before you buy a deodorant, and carefully choose only the ones that are skin-friendly and efficient.