How To Choose The Best Water Fountains For Your Cat

Water fountains are highly recommended by vets. Of course, cats like to drink a lot of water, running water precisely. It sparks some life into them, perhaps due to its freshness and healthiness, hence, the need for water fountains.

And, as you know, vets recommend proper hydration for pets. Water, from a fountain, naturally sanitizes them and flushes out toxic materials.

Let’s check out some of the best fountain purchase procedures for your cat.

Understand the nature of your cat

Well, it is true that cats have similar inherent natures. However, not all cats are the same. Some cats are naturally destructive; you might have to keep them restrained. Some are the splashy type; your mop or rag never rests. You know the nature of your cat. Whenever you desire to purchase a piece of cat equipment, like a water fountain, take your cat’s nature and personality into consideration. By the way, see here for So Phresh Cat Litter Reviews (Updated 2021).

Your budget and your cat

Your cat might drink a lot. Could be an avid drinker.

Oh no, you think alcohol? Lol. Not at all.

Purchasing water fountains might be a little expensive, in terms of cost and budget preparation, depending on the nature of your cat. Study your cat[s] well, prepare a budget; check out the number and drinking capacity of your cat[s], it will help you in choosing the best compatible model.

Now, pay attention to these details…


It might be difficult to calculate the cost and stress of maintenance, especially if you have more than one cat. There are several models of fountains, each of them is susceptible to frequent use; it now traces down to how reactive these fountains are, after frequent use. You should get a model that remains strong and requires perhaps monthly or bi-monthly maintenance. Plus a model that doesn’t require too much money for maintenance.

You might have to spend more though if you have more than one cat. Just ensure you get quality fountains.

Size of the water reservoir

You need a bigger reservoir if:

your cat drinks running water frequently/ you have more than one cat.

The best fountains out there have larger water reservoirs. You should consider one that can contain water for a long time; one that would only require you to change/sanitize the water when due.

A cat-friendly model

This is strung in two points:

One, you should get a model that easily sits well with your cat. One that is not too big, or too small for your cat. Your cat should let out some hyperactive and happy vibes after using the model. You might not see the smile, but its happiness should suffice for it.

Two, your neighbor might have a cat who seems to be in love with yours and would drink from the same fountain as yours.

Hence, you should get a model that is well-versatile for all types of cats.

Also, it is important to stress that you should ensure your cat be well hydrated.