Importance Of Promotional Products For Your Business

When writing a list of the most effective branding vehicles for all businesses generally, no conclusion is brought to your list without promotional products having a place. But before giving you a walkthrough into the must-know benefits of promotional products, below are some hard facts about promotional products that you should know. Moreover,  you also need to utilize management accounts if you want your business to become successful. Visit site here to learn more about management accounts.

Promotional Products Statistical Facts

  • 41% of people who were given a promotional product kept it for 1-5years
  • 83% of consumers are attracted to the advertisement messages on promotional products
  • Companies who give out gifts for promotion have their names remembered by 80% of customers
  • About 85% of people who received promotional products end up doing business with the brand.

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Benefits Of Promotional Products To Your Business

  • Serves As A Calling Card; a close look at your records can reveal a significant change in ROI between when your business never had a business card and when it had one. But what if you could make a business card out of your promotional gifts? Here’s what I mean. What a business card does essentially is to serve as an easy-to-reach source of your business contact details to your customers. Right? All that information can be provided on your promotional gifts in a unique way which will remain there forever. Another thing is, your business contact details on a tangible promotional gift will last longer than a paper business card would. Yay!
  • Exposure Beyond Billboards; okay, I made that up. But according to a study done by, 76.1% of customers remember the name of a company from a gift received in the first 12 months while a miserly 53.5% recall the company that they have seen for a week. And this statistic begins to make sense when you look into it. Imagine a customer seeing your logo, your contact details, and your name every morning when they have their coffee from your mug. What they see in the morning regularly is continuously registered in their subconscious mind and that’s just great for your business. Also, think about a customer wearing your promotional trendy t-shirt design with your name and everything on it. That will not merely serve as a reminder to the existing customer but also as an invitation to potential customers.
  • Brand Recognition On The Spot; even when almost everybody complains about McDonald’s burger, we all seem to be the million-dollar company’s fan. Why? Because we see them every day. Just like Amazon, McDonald’s brand logo is seen more than once in a week by the individual. And the brain of the human is more likely to be attached to what it is constantly aware of (insert habit). Same way, your brand logo on a gifting item will help to achieve that same effect.
  • A Marketing At A Low-cost; everybody wants to spend less and make more. You can achieve the same for your business through gifting promotional items to your audience.