Is Airsoft a Safe Game?

Airsoft is a war game that is very popular, in various countries. Many companies use them in their team building efforts, while friends and family enjoy spending a day at the airsoft field, for a few rounds, just to have some fun. But is airsoft a safe game? As we will explain in this article, it is one of the safest around.

Getting Ready for an Airsoft Game

For those of older generations, in previous times boys were often offered a toy gun, when they were a kid. Nowadays, gifts are given to both sexes in the same manner, and you don’t see many toy guns around. However, there is still a fascination for them, which certainly explains part of the popularity of the airsoft game. But what people really like about it, is the strategy that needs to be put in place and all the running around that it involves.

However, before you can get on the field and start shooting with your electric airsoft rifle, you will need to dress the part, and one of the most important elements is a head mask, in order to protect the eyes. You should also think of wearing gloves and a vest, in order to be totally safe, but some players wear t-shirts, as well, which shows how safe it is.

There are various fields in which the game can take place. If it is quite large, players will also bring bottles of water and a snack, in case they get hungry during the game. Of course, ammunitions also have to be on the player, if they don’t want to have to come back to home base, too frequently.

What is the Age Minimum to play Airsoft?

There is no legal minimum age to play airsoft. However, it is not suggested for everyone. In most playfields, they request that players be above 12 years of age. Sometimes, they will let younger ones play, as long as they are supervised by adults. When special events are being held, the age is usually raised to a minimum of 15, and sometimes even to 18 or 21, depending on the region where it is being played.

How Safe are Airsoft Guns?

Although there are airsoft guns of various powers, speeds and weights, they all are safe to play with. Each player needs to find the right model for themselves to carry. When we let children (over 12) play this game, it is safer to teach them about real guns first, so they don’t ever confuse the two. In fact, they need to respect airsoft gun, in the same way that they would do for a real one, which is done by following these basic rules, at all times:

  • Do not point a gun towards anybody, outside an airsoft game field
  • Always check if the gun is loaded when you pick it up and remove the magazine to see how many bullets are in
  • Always make sure that the gun safety is on when you carry it
  • Never put the finger on the trigger of a gun, unless you are planning to shoot
  • And never, ever, look down the barrel of a gun