Is It Possible To Get Vitamin D Without Being In The Sun?

Vitamin D is an essential hormone that aids the easy absorption of calcium. You may also have heard how it helps keep the bones and muscles healthy and strong. But even more, vitamin D has been proven vital for the function of the immune system (EFSA, 2010). We find vitamin D in plant and animal sources, however, it’s almost impossible to meet the daily recommended amounts on a simple vitamin D-rich diet.

This essential nutrient is also known as the sunshine vitamin, and for good reason. The most natural and effective way of getting vitamin D is by absorbing it directly from the sun. Still, staying in the sun can be dangerous for the skin.

Will eating a balanced diet help?

Eating a balanced diet has always been encouraged. For many, simply eating a healthy balanced diet is enough. However, things do not work the same when it comes to this super vitamin. Relying on a balanced diet for vitamin D may prove inadequate. Still, it will certainly help. Vitamin D tablets are there to help safeguard your intake.

Nutrient-rich food like fortified dairy, fatty fish, and fortified cereals are the major dietary sources of vitamin D. Yet, most people will need a supplement to boost the production of vitamin D to optimal levels. Supplements that guarantee about 1000 to 2000 IUs a day are usually recommended.

How can vegans benefit from a nutrient-rich diet?

Vegans will normally avoid the foods listed above, from fish to dairy milk. So, it’s even more essential that they incorporate foods that will help boost the production of vitamin D. Foods like mushrooms, oranges, and orange juice would be excellent options.

The major question here is, will that be enough? The average child, adult, or senior who benefits from a balanced diet is still advised to take vitamin D supplements. This is because food sources may not contribute a lot to the production of this nutrient. So, it is even more critical for vegetarians and vegans to balance a healthy diet with the right vitamin D tablets.

Sitting by a window to receive vitamin D

Most people who want to benefit from the most natural source of vitamin D also fear the other dangers of sitting under the sun. Especially because there’s no specific time recommended by scientists to do so. Some say 30 minutes, but others would probably swear by 15 minutes. Hence the thought of ditching the tanning process, sitting by the window, and hoping to still receive the daily dose of healthy sunshine.

Unfortunately, virtually all types of glass block UVB rays, making it impossible for the skin to produce vitamin D. Taking vitamin D supplements is the best way to make up for any nutrients you are losing out on. If there are ever any concerns that you’re not getting enough vitamin D from your diet or sun-tanning, then it’s best to get a reliable supplement that contains up to 1000 IU per day.