K2 BPM: Improve your Business Efficiency via Modern Solutions

A business process concept arises at the intersection of the enterprise’s structure and the needs of customers. The whole system implies the need to regulate the work of the company so that it meets the needs of buyers and customers. It includes several stages and requires the involvement of some employees. One of them, for example, looks through the mail and answers calls, records the client’s appeal, analyzes his/her problem. Further, the solution to the issue is passed on to the next employee (it depends on the type of problem): if the client is dissatisfied with the delivery service, then he/she is sent to the required fellow laborer; if he/she has technical problems, then – to the technical assistance department.

Afterwards the head of the required department finds an employee who is directly responsible for the problem or who is able to solve it. He/she performs the necessary actions and fixes the challenge. A company representative contacts the client, makes sure that the issue has been settled, and in many cases receives feedback or an assessment of the quality of work at the last stage.

All this is relatively simple in words. However, several conditions must be met at once.

  • The presence of a clear algorithm of actions. Each employee should know what actions he/she should do in different situations.
  • Delineation of areas of responsibility. There should be no situations in which it is not clear who is responsible for solving the problem.
  • Control and monitoring at every stage. The most important is end-to-end control. If the task is received, it needs to be processed to the end. It can’t get lost on some employees. It is also required to control the stages of the problem’s solution and who specifically deals with this.

Special K2 BPM helps reach the desired control and simplify the work. It’s implemented in order to provide the company’s business management with a reliable tool for achieving strategic goals, namely: to reduce corporate costs (including the prime cost of corporate business processes), reduce legal risks and ensure that the company’s activities comply with current legislation and market regulators requirements, increase the volume of products (services) without expanding the volume of attracted resources.

The use of BPM will ensure that all the automated business processes are always performed in a unique, project-appropriate manner, that all user actions are recorded, and that there are documented legally correct traces of each stage execution. Consequently, any possible claims regarding the quality of released products, non-compliance with the storage time of documents, improper approval or authorization of a business transaction, etc. can be reasonably rejected with minimal costs for the preparation of the evidence base. The K2 BPM is a great solution for control in modern conditions.

K2 BPM Workflow Management Software: Peculiarities

K2 BPM software from the TemaBit Company helps to be kept up-to-date on the latest market conditions and use the newest solutions to amend the operating activities efficiency. K2 BPM has its own advantages and it’s essential to highlight some of them.

  • The implemented software presents the possibility to get better patency and change all the processes due to special systems.
  • It eliminates the need to perform recurring tasks manually, as the computerized system gets great attention. It really speeds up work and drives efficiencies in the workflow process.
  • The solution helps describe simple and complex business processes, including end-to-end, which cover several departments.
  • It controls processes for any complexity works.
  • K2 BPM helps get quick access to the product and enjoy strong sales.
  • It eradicates bottlenecks so the company wastes less money on problem
  • Such a solution is regarded as a perfect one for high-level business agility reaching.
  • It brings the possibility to change and customize processes along with the company’s growth and evolvement.

The mentioned company and similar others can be perceived as great providers in various countries for business enhancement. They increase the customer’s web presence and cooperate only with the real specialists, who monitor modern trends and develop all the time. Experience shows that BPM provides an excellent effect but only when the logic and regulations of business processes are built.