Maintenance Tips For Solar Panels

The solar array requires little maintenance as compared with other energy sources. A solar array can last for quite 25 years. But in between the installation and its warranty, it needs proper and timely care and maintenance. Though most of its maintenance is often done through DIY you ought to hire knowledgeable people a minimum of once a year. Also, see here for the best commercial solar installers. And if you want to avail of professional solar panel installation service, contact Perths leading solar panel installation company

Below are the upkeep tips for solar panels.

To ensure efficiency within the work of the solar panels and their longevity, timely and concise maintenance must be undertaken. Such maintenance tips are therefore itemized as follows:

  • Keep the solar panels out of shades as this may reduce their efficiency. solar cells derive their energy from the sun, and within the instance where they lack sunlight, they become inefficient.
  • Day-to-day documentation of the solar array performance will direct the way and the way you’ll perform the upkeep. This may help in such a way that you will understand when much energy is produced during a day with the favorable weather. Keeping a diary of its overall performance will assist you to know when it needs swift maintenance.
  • Daily monitoring is additionally an extension of the above tips. This will make sure you keep up with the performance of the solar energy and if the inverter features a green light thereon. The green light indicates correct functioning.
  • Monthly solar array cleaning. Cleaning the panel is sort of easy but is often labor-intensive. You want to have the right cleaning kits at hand and mustn’t use abrasive sponge or soaps. The simplest way to clean a solar array is to use a sprinkler or a soft rag and biodegradable soap. The aim of cleaning the solar array is to clear the surface of collected dirt and a clean panel will maximize the energy gotten from the sun.
  • Do not use hot or extremely cold water to wash the panel. Don’t use detergents or water to wash the panel as this will leave deposits on the surface which can, in turn, reduce the efficiency of the panel.
  • Ensuring all loose parts and connections are properly tightened. Loose and disconnected wires can also reduce the energy output. Loose wires also can be a risk of electrocution or fire outbreak. To avoid this, make sure the cables aren’t in touch with any metals.
  • Proper monitoring of all solar array accessories. Such accessories as inverters, energy storage, regulators, cables, panels, batteries, and power meters. All of those are expected to always function properly to harness the energy derived optimally.


Apart from periodic maintenance of the solar array here and there, you ought to always require the service of a knowledgeable installer or company that sold the solar array to you to possess a check on the panel a minimum of once a year this may make sure that such maintenances above your pay grade are properly taken care of. Such maintenance includes changing or topping up lead batteries, evaluating the performance of the solar array over the year, replacing spoilt cables, and so on.