MYOB Advanced Features

A Brief Intro;

MYOB means “Mind Your Own Business”. MYOB is an Australian tax and accounting software company. 

MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and accounting solution for medium to large-scale businesses. 

MYOB Advanced allows you and your team members to work from one database of information that is fully accessible anywhere and anytime. It allows different functionality of which are management, financials, analysis, reports, CRM, and other services. 

Below the features of the MYOB Advanced

CRM module 

MYOB Advanced offers a good CRM system that provides for the following: managing and monitoring sales processes, marketing, and efficient customer services. It also helps you to manage contacts of clients and prospects in a secure database. 

Fixed Asset Management

This accounting process tracks fixed assets as part of financial accounting. Such fixed assets as lands, equipment, vehicle, furniture e.t.c. 

It keeps track of the current value, rates of depreciation, location, maintenance, and condition of all fixed assets your business hold. 

It also provides for preventative maintenance through proper management of your field service team by regulating their schedules. 

 Service Management 

This system provides and delivers information and values to customers thereby building strong customer relationships. 

It also protects the interest of your business by nurturing relationships between you, your customers, and suppliers. It offers automatic support, analysis, and reports on customers. 

Financial Management

This is the process of managing the accounting system of your business, such as payroll, tax management, budgets, cash flow forecast,  inter-company finances, and managing your finances efficiently with the help of a general ledger. It also avails financial analysis and reports while it effectively calculates and tracks GST and BAS. 

Services Delivery 

This is the process of managing the complex procedure of delivering in time and in full to your myriads of customers while also ensuring that sales are close in the finest way possible. It also offers integrated tools to better your purchasing power, stock turnover, logistics, and track orders, and deliveries. 

It also has the systems to manage production workflows to finances and distribution. This comprehensive module includes the cost of materials, routing, scheduling, and quality management. 

Efficient Projects Reporting 

Manage complex projects easily by ensuring accurate project data can be included in the company’s financial report. This includes specifically budgeting for projects, inventory, timesheets, cost, profitability, and concise reporting. 


It allows users to be able to customize all workflow systems for easy accessibility and operations. You can easily customize your dashboard to suit your business demands and processes. It also provides customers with their portal to view copies of invoices. 

Easy Accessibility on Mobile Devices 

MYOB Advanced has the MYOB invoices for both IOS and Android systems. This will ensure proper functionality whenever you are away from your desk and there is a need to perform or manage basic accounting works. 

Monthly Subscriptions Packages 

MYOB Advanced offers monthly subscription plans that allow you to manage your business finances all through the year. It is a better substitute for servers and expensive internal IT services.