Some Simple Gift Ideas for the Small Gesture

There are many reasons to give gifts to folks. Celebration, commiseration, a thank you, an apology – a gift goes a long way, and money doesn’t really come into it. What’s really important is the thought you put into the gift you’re giving. Still, it can be difficult to think of ways in which to complete a small gesture, and with people coming together after over a year apart, may now is the time to give a helping hand. Here are some occasions for which you might want to contribute a gift, and some ideas to help you along the way.

Christmas Stocking Fillers

You might have already planned out your main gifts to loved ones for Christmas, but you might want to give a little more in the process. Christmas chocolate is an easy way to anyone’s heart, but may you want to go a little further. Consider seeking out some well-thought-out Christmas stocking-filler gifts, individualised to each recipient. Maybe your sister has had a stressful year; some candles to wind down in the tub with would be received warmly. Younger members of the family might be overjoyed with something soft to cuddle, and if someone has a pet you could even buy them a little treat.

Joke Gifts for Friends

You might not have a specific celebration in mind, but you might just want to celebrate the connections you have with your friends. Getting a little joke gift is a great way to do this and create new, funny memories in the process – without spending too much money, and without the danger of getting oversentimental in the process. Whoopee cushions and chattering teeth might be best swerved for this – unless you and your friends are partial to a belly laugh over flatulence… Think about some times you’ve shared lately, and base your joke gift on those instead – a personal touch goes a long way.

Giving Thanks

You might be keen to demonstrate your thanks to somebody, whether they helped you out of a jam at work, or helped you through some personal events in the recent past. Here sentimentality is an absolute bonus, and a wonderful way to show that you care, and are thankful. Think about gifting some goods for pampering, like a bath bomb or face mask – or maybe a relaxing treat, such as a herbal tea or a reasonably priced box of chocolate liqueurs. Even a well-considered bouquet of flowers would be received well in this instance.